If there is one thing we know about the Rock, it’s that he loves to work out. Now he has created headphones specifically for one of his favorite activities, working out.

The star teamed up with Under Armour and JBL and worked for two years to create the headphones that are anti-slip and sweat resistant.   They are designed to handle the quote: “grit and grind of your workout.”

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The bull on the side of the headphones is more than just a design feature, it’s actually a talk through button. If you are listening to loud music and press the bull, the music will automatically soften so you can hear what someone is saying to you.

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The case and the headphones are breathable, which is important when sweat is involved.  The headphones, created under The Project Rock line are now available for $250.

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Just like a gym membership, if you buy the headphones you have to work out