Oops, Britney Spears may just do it again! Britney Spears and her dancer boyfriend Sam Asghari are known for flooding our Instagram feeds with adorable photos and videos. Understandably so, Sam is ready to take the next step and wed the pop princess, but there’s one problem: her dad.

A source tells Hollywood Life: “She would already be married to him but her dad won’t allow it, he’s very wary of anyone trying to get close to Brit. That hasn’t stopped Britney from calling Sam her ‘hubby’ though and she jokes around all the time and he calls her ‘wifey’, it’s one of his pet names. Britney is one thousand percent sure she wants to spend forever with Sam and he tells her he wants the same thing.

He says he will wait as long as it takes to get her dad’s blessing, it’s very romantic.” Britney has remained under her father’s conservatorship since the notorious 2007 umbrella incident and if she were to marry 24-year-old Sam, it would be her third marriage. She previously wed childhood friend Jason Alexander in a Vegas wedding, and then went on to marry Kevin Federline who she shares two kids with. Lately, Kevin Federline has been trying to get his hands on her Vegas money so it’s understandable why Papa Spears is worried. Do you think Britney should marry Sam?