The cast of the new “Charmed” will be Latinx. CW is doing a reboot of the acclaimed show that follows three sisters who are also witches. But in the reboot, all three sisters will be Latinx — meaning “la Brijua” magic will be strong.

Madeline Mantock, Malonie Diaz, and Sarah Jeffery are slated to be the charmed ones. As stated in Cosmopolitan, “Mantock, who starred in ‘Into the Badlands’ and ‘The Tomorrow People,” will play Macy, the “practical” and ‘brilliant geneticist’ who will lead her younger sisters as they ‘tear down the patriarchy.’

Diaz will play Mel, the middle sister who is also a lesbian and activist. Diaz’s acting credits include 2013’s ‘Fruitvale Station’ and she’ll star in ‘The First Purge,’ which comes out this year.

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