By Taylor Gibson

The Flash S.4 E.22 – Think Fast

Beautiful Chaos

Agent Diggle visits A.R.G.U.S, but unlike in the past, they require a DNA signature to grant access – because of how Barry broke in at the end of last season with facial transmogrify. While assuming Diggle’s likeness, DeVoe Kilgore-hacks security and uses Null’s gravitational ability to choke out the first round of guards. Upon entry to the facility, he fully displays his arsenal of power while shredding through multiple waves of resistance as a beautifully composed symphonic song juxtaposes the mass calamity he inflicts. The scene completely lives up to CW Writer Sterling Gates’ opinion.

Team Flash discovers that DeVoe has planted satellite technology at various launch pads around the world. Harry clumsily stumbles into the Cortex thinking he discovered a blogger that’s been covering DeVoe. In fact, its Iris’ post which has more than 400,000 hits. An additional leads pings from her phone, but it appears DeVoe is hacking it.

Cisco unscrambles the message informing Iris that DeVoe went after Fallout. Barry whooshes and grabs Diggle to find out where A.R.G.U.S was keeping Fallout. Diggle searches the information and learns that DeVoe impersonated him. Meanwhile, DeVoe increases the heat on Fallout, yet the information relays to Star Labs, which leads them to determine that DeVoe plans to use Fallout’s cell as a nuclear battery for his satellite system.

Barry wants to stop DeVoe’s plans at A.R.G.U.S, but DeVoe is safely behind the defenses of randomized shock plates that constantly change location. Instead of avoiding the plates, Barry propositions that hitting each of the plates would give himself an electric fuel source fast enough to push him through pocket dimension. Of course, DeVoe is well ahead of this plan and has already suspended agents above each of the charged plates.

Investigation, Training, Identity Crisis

Caitlin visits Dr. Finkel, stating she thinks psychosis has caused a “friend” to disappear. Dr. Finkel digs a little deeper into Caitlin’s past and ultimately suggests she may be repressing fear or unpleasant memories.

Joe focuses his attention on preparing a bag for when he and Cecile go to the hospital. She assures Joe that everything will be fine and [seemingly] takes on a different persona using words like “rad” and “tubular.” Moments later, a pizza-man arrives speaking with the same lingo and energy.

Cisco and Caitlin summon Barry to inform him they believe he can thwart DeVoe if he brings them into Flashtime. This is accompanied by an elaborate explanation that describes how Barry can generate speedforce to share his speed, so they create a simulation where they have ONE second to execute the plan. Although Barry gives them the instruction to remain calm, the first attempt fails because Cisco becomes anxious and loses feeling in his legs. They take a break from training, so Joe brings Cecile to the lab for Caitlin to analyze. Caitlin determines that as Cecile nears her delivery date her body produces Relaxin – a hormone that relaxes/stretches the body to more easily deliver a baby. In theory, the Relaxin is now stretching her ability beyond reading people’s mind; now she has the ability to inhabit them. Like before with the pizza man, Cecile begins inhabits Caitlin’s mind and ultimately tells her she can’t continue to hide from her reality.

The Heroic trio return for another round of training where Cisco is actually able to create a [baby] breach. Caitlin steps forward with the cold gun to freeze the portal. Like Cisco’s first attempt, Caitlin loses feeling in her legs, stumbles, and hits her head. This results in a brief childhood flashback where she fell riding a bike and was almost struck by a truck.

Iris tries to work through the frustration of her failure to find Marlize, so Harry tells her (in an ode to the council of Harrisons) to avoid facts and focus on feelings. This sparks a new idea, so Iris asks Harry to help her investigate. Upon delving into her history, Harry propositions using Marlize’s humane nature to turn her against DeVoe. Iris vehemently opposes this idea (recalling her stab wound) and decides to continue the investigation alone. Harry follows Iris home to apologize. He then reasserts his theory that Marlize humanitarianism can be an asset. While discussing, Iris asks Harry to remove his shoes because he’s tracking mud through the place she feels safe and loved, which sparks an idea of Marlize’s hiding spot.

Once home, Joe finds Cecile mimicking his behavior from earlier. He gives her the inhaler, but she seems to be having a full-blown identity crisis. She’s under the impression that she is Joe, but he uses a technique from a book he read to restore her status.

Barry tells Cisco and Caitlin he won’t risk their well-being to stop DeVoe. Cisco approaches him for a follow-up conversation that develops into a heated exchange. Cisco insists that Barry continue training and shouldn’t sideline them because of what happened to Ralph. Yet, Barry feels he pushes people too far and everybody he trains ends up worse off than before. The resolution ultimately comes about with the 3 of them (Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco) agreeing to shoulder the burden of task together. Harry and Iris walk in on the conversation but wait until it culminates before telling Barry they tracked Marlize to England. He gives Iris a gadget that will allow her to breach to Marlize, and moments later, the mainframe computer alerts the team that Fallout is nearing nuclear combustion.

Flashtime Speed Burst

Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin breach to A.R.G.U.S and briefly review the plan they practiced. DeVoe shrinks Fallout’s containment cell to the size of a battery and departs through a breach. Barry brings Cisco and Caitlin into Flashtime and hits the first charged plate. Cisco creates and small breach and Caitlin freezes it. Barry then amplifies his running speed by bursting off of each remaining plate and diving into the portal behind DeVoe. DeVoe emerges from the portal and releases his satellites into the air. Barry emerges from the same portal, dashes up a building, grabs the bomb created by Amunet, and hurls it at a satellite.

Barry destroys one of the satellites, but DeVoe tells him the Enlightenment will proceed regardless. He continues into a menacing speech about how wiping the minds and hearts of people will recreate curiosity and generate peace. He tells Barry that “emotion is the father of all error, chemicals in our brain that distract us [and] impede progress. The most destructive and ridiculous imbalance of all is that thing you feebles call love” before absconding through another portal.

After their heroic feat, Caitlin requests Cisco’s help to access her repressed, childhood memory. Cisco vibes Caitlin into the memory and she sees a terrified childhood version of herself look into the mirror and see Killer Frost. She determines that Killer Frost was apart of her well before the Particle Accelerator exploded. Meanwhile, Harry and Iris Breach to Marlize’s home in England. She questions why they are there; Harry tries to explain, but his failing intelligence won’t allow him to articulate his thoughts. Marlize realizes under the Enlightenment everybody will meet this same fate, so Iris uses a quote from Marlize’s pre-DeVoe days to sway her current opinion.

Cisco, Caitlin and Barry return to Star Labs and an alert lets them know that DeVoe is using one of their satellites to replace the one Barry destroyed. Barry tracks DeVoe to the Time Vault, but can’t phase through the wall, so DeVoe uses Gideon to initiate the Enlightenment.

Feelings appeared to have a recurrent theme in this episode. It’s apparent that DeVoe hates feelings, but they also served as a catalyst to help convert Marlize. How might feelings play a role in the season finale? For the answer to this question and to how the last pieces of drama unfold, be sure to tune in next Tuesday at 8 to Atlanta’s CW.


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