Photos and Interview by Danielle Boise

Sounding like surf rock candy and a bit of punk blended effortless with sixties pop sensibilities, *repeat repeat is a scrumptious delight to listen to live or recorded. Hailing from Nashville, the former trio, Jared Corder and Kristyn Corder take a little bit of a break from their Shaky Knees experience to chat with me. We talked a bit on their recently released their third album, Floral Canyon on Dangerbird Records.

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*repeat repeat performing at Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta. Photo Courtesy of Danielle Boise

First I’d like to ask how your Shaky Knees Experience has been so far?

Kristyn: It’s been great!

Jared: Yeah, the show itself was incredible.

I have to say that I absolutely loved it.

Jared: Why thank you. I think sometimes the best shows are when the band is having as much fun as the crowd and there is this synergy. I think we were all just feeling it. It was really exciting you know? The energy was palpable that night, rather that day.

You kicked off the festival on that stage, that has to be a really cool feeling.

*repeat repeat performing at Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta. Photo Courtesy of Danielle Boise

Jared: We didn’t know what to expect, we didn’t know how many people were going to be there on 12:30 on a Friday. When we walked on stage and saw the sea of humans, it was like we knew it was going to be something out of this world.

Kristyn: It was awesome.

What acts have you been able to catch? Who has been your “Oh my God” moment?

Kristyn: Our “Oh my God” moment will be in about an hour when we see Alvvays.

Jared: They are one of our favorites.

Kristyn: But we caught Jack White, and that was amazing. Manchester Orchestra side stage made me tear up a little bit.

Jared: Yeah, and I think that the fact the rain started right as they finished their set. I think, man that was really neat. They were awesome.

They never disappoint.

Jared: We’ve heard a lot, because we’ve been doing a lot of interviews and stuff. We’ve heard Courtney Barnett, we heard Jimmy Eat World, we heard Cake last night and we watch Queens of the Stone Age and that was cool too. So it’s been fun. We’ve just been bopping around.

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So you’re married, how does that work when you’re married and you are working together to create something artistic?

Kristyn: We were together before the band. We meet under circumstances where he was in a punk band and I was doing music business stuff and we started a festival. We worked in that festival really well together. It grew from a 200-person thing in our basement to like a 2500-person a weekend thing four times a year. The band got busy and we stopped doing it. That was a really nice trial run to see how well we were going to work together. We were ready for the next thing after we stopped doing that. We can’t imagine it any other way because we get all the same highs and lows.

*repeat repeat performing at Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta. Photo Courtesy of Danielle Boise

Jared: One thing that is amazing about touring with your significant other is that you don’t have someone at home being like you’ve been gone for three days and asking questions like, what are you doing? Are you drinking too much? Are the long days (sic)?

She knows all the moments that are really exciting and she experiences them with me and she knows the moments that are really hard on the road and stuff too and experiences those with me as well. To be able to share that and not come home to someone who doesn’t know that world is really special personally for me.

From an artistic perspective I think she makes me a better musician because I think part of being a good husband is taking yourself out of pride and not being prideful about stuff. As an artist, being married to someone who is in our band, I have to take pride out of my song writing. I think a lot of times that artists get catch up in their own head about their art and they don’t let other people help make it better.

I think over the years we’ve together and written three records. Kristyn has helped me realize what’s best for the song and not be in my own head where I wrote it, so it’s good – you know? That’s a powerful thing that I don’t take for granted because not everyone gets to have that in their life.

So this morning I had to get up early, to do some editing and I put on Floral Canyon and listened to that on repeat.

Jared: Great!

I love how it starts in this place of happiness and before you know it, it’s not that way at all and I absolutely love, love, love all the retro twists with the old school movie theatre intermission now. I’m like, wow, I haven’t heard something like this before. And I thought it was very unique and charming.

Jared: Thank you. We wanted the theme of the record to be sixties. Each song has stories behind it, outside of the lyrics, we wanted to tie all the songs in together on the record. As if it was one piece that you could put on a vinyl record or on a cd or whatever.  Have it basically tell you at the end of the record to flip the record over and start it again and repeat over and over again. We found this old sixties drive-in movie intermission. So we took a bunch of parts from that and some other parts. And then we found this organ, called the optigan organ, that uses plastic discs and we used a bunch of that on the tracks. Then there is the secret track basically that goes for a few minutes after an intermission.

Kristyn: Did you catch that?

Yes, I’ve listened to it several times.  

Kristyn: We never know who listens to it long enough to get to that part.

I was sent the SoundCloud link, so I can watch the timeline go.

*repeat repeat performing at Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta. Photo Courtesy of Danielle Boise

Jared: Yes, so you know there is more coming. So we wanted it to be like if you put it on vinyl and you play it in the background and all of a sudden it starts doing this weird thing, and you think what is that organ sound? And then there is this guy that says “and ladies and gentlemen go grab yourself a snack and we will be right back.” Then you flip the record back over and the guy is telling you “welcome to the show” or whatever. I wanted this to be a reoccurring theme.

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It was something that surprised me. I feel like a lot of my bands that I love, the bands that I used to listen to. The first record I ever bought was Green Day’s Dookie. I think on that track or maybe Insomnia, one of those records had a secret track. All the bands I grew up listening to had surprised tracks and little hidden things here and there. We were like, let’s do it and it surprises me how few band do nowadays.