This write-up was inspired a little by my recent Kentucky Derby post – can you blame me? Hats were on top of mind. And, you’re welcome, I’ve been patiently waiting to sketch that pun in. 🙂

Anyways, for me, the Kentucky Derby ignited an accessory epiphany… Hats aren’t just for the Derby! What hats should I be wearing this season, and why am I not wearing them RN?

I have a tendency to pack hats for vacation. Don’t you? This summer I’m traveling to the beach and the wild west (well, not so much wild – just Wyoming) and will definitely be in need of versatile accessories. SO, cue the hat hunting.

Below you’ll find 4 spring style hats that’ll you want to strut street style ASAP – Enjoy!

Straw Hats with Ribbon Accents

I would say out of all of the trending styles, you’ll see this ribbon accent one the most. It’s favoring the majority and who can blame it?



Volume or classic, turbans with pattern and embellishments like a ruffled rose are all the rave this year.


The Wide Brimmed Hat

If you want sass, go with wide-brimmed!

spring wide brimmed hat 2018

Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Slightly Frayed Hat

Relax and chill is what this style is going after. Ideal for a beach vacation or sailing rendezvous.


Hats off to YOU!


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