By Taylor Gibson

The Flash S.4 E. 20 – Therefore She Is

One week removed from last week’s fan service for Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold) fans, we find ourselves entrenched in an episode full of Marlize’s flashbacks. These moments add a great deal of depth to her character development and help navigate us through key points of her relationship with DeVoe. Without further adieu, let’s get into it.

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Flashback #1

Marlize has a flashback to an occurrence where she and DeVoe participate in a panel discussion on the topic of enlightenment. She knows the material well and has bright ideas, but most DeVoe opposes most of them – which seems to stage for their current discord.

Breaking and Entering

While working alone in the workshop, a breach opens behind Cisco and message cube from Gypsy slides out. She tells Cisco that her dad [really] wants an answer about whether or not Cisco will take the breacher job. Harry requests Cisco’s [vibematic] presence in the speed lab to assist in a controlled test to bring back Killer Frost. The first couple of weakened vibes have no effect on Caitlin, so Harry suggests full power. Barry and Iris disagree with Harry’s false postulate, which forces him to tell them of his declining intelligence.

DeVoe and Marlize breach into Vandermeer Steel to initiate step one of the enlightenment: acquiring Alloy 1771 to harness power at 400% efficiency. They shrink down the metallic panels and prepare to leave, but a security guard confronts them at gunpoint. DeVoe forces the guard to put the gut the gun to his own head. Marlize doesn’t agree and tells DeVoe it’s unnecessary, but he goes against her wish and forces the guard to kill himself as they leave.

Joe, Barry, Cisco, and Iris investigate the scene. Barry quickly determines that DeVoe likely used a Kilgore retina scan and Dibney lockpick as the point of entry. He then zips around, accesses Vandermeer files, and discovers that Alloy 1771 was the stolen object. They ask Cisco to vibe the gun, but he claims he would need double powers, so they ask him to invite Gypsy to create double effectiveness.

Flashback #2

Marlize has another flashback of a picnic with DeVoe shortly after their panel discussion. She may have foolishly agreed to the date, but it was refreshing to have someone challenge her. The date goes well and culminates with a dance and their first kiss.

It Takes Two

Gypsy swings by Star Labs to co-vibe the pistol. For the process to work, they must operate in sync with their minds on the same wavelength – shouldn’t be a problem for these 2, right? Nevertheless, they vibe and see an image of container #16 at a shipping dock, so Barry, Gypsy, and Cisco immediately breach to the location. Unfortunately, DeVoe has already arrived at container #18. Barry rushes in for a takedown, but DeVoe breaches him to another location then blasts Cisco and Gyspy into a container before fleeing. Frustrated beyond belief, Cisco stands and questions why they vibed the wrong container. Gypsy places the blame on Cisco’s lack of focus and a heated argument ensues. Barry returns just in time to hear Cisco asks if this is how their relationship would move if he had taken the Breacher job.

Upon returning to Star Labs, Cisco and Barry discuss the breaching job. Cisco isn’t sure what he wants to do, but Barry thinks that his current work with Gypsy might make the decision easier and offers to lend a helping hand. Barry finds Gypsy at Jitters and tells her about Cisco’s feelings. She seems to accept what he says, so Barry tells her they just need to talk each other. He then whooshes Gypsy [against her will] to Star Labs and begins facilitating conversation. The discussion doesn’t develop because an alert tells the team of 2 robberies in progress. Cisco and Gypsy try to co-vibe again, but fail and ultimately get blasted apart. While discussing the status of the team and relationships with Iris, Barry determines that DeVoe’s robberies don’t make sense because he plans to build multiple projects, not just one.

Flashback #3

Yet again, Marlize flashes back to the day where she and DeVoe move in together. She sends him on a store run and continues to unpack. While DeVoe grocery shops, she stumbles upon a journal detailing DeVoe’s plan for the future. When he returns she aggressively questions him about his “Radical Manifesto” and his declared war against technological philanthropy. Clearly, after a series of happy moments, the flashbacks show the root of their disagreement.

Special Favor

Joe asks Harry’s assistance in the favor of distracting Cecile. Harry feels like he’s being relegated to simple tasks like babysitting because of his lost intelligence. Later, Cecille comes to Star Labs to have Harry adjust her mental activity dampener. While her technology is “updating” she realizes that she can help Harry by reading his mind and writing down his ideas before they disappear.

Flashback #4

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Some time ago in Kenya, Marlize’s assistant brings her a sample which they appear to purify. Her phone rings and Clifford begs her to come home, but she doesn’t feel she can be with somebody who feels technology is a disease. While on the phone her camp is raided and Clifford hears a booming explosion.

This is It

Cisco and Gypsy [finally] engage in discussion. Surprisingly, they agree that Cisco shouldn’t take Breacher’s job. He’s very aware that he wants more from their relationship but knows that can’t happen from different Earths. It almost seems like Cisco is about to call off the relationship, but Barry interrupts and asks them to report to the cortex to brief them (and the rest of the team) that DeVoe aims to build a network of satellites.

DeVoe heads to Mercury labs to steal a room of networking computers, but this time Team Flash is positioned to thwart the bandits. Barry rushes in and knocks DeVoe into a wall, then whirls and throws a disabling lightning bolt. Gypsy continues to stun DeVoe, so Marlize turns and sucker punches Cisco. Gypsy has to turn and save Cisco, which gives DeVoe enough time to gather himself and knock down Barry. Caitlin, whom the team did not expect to be there, steps forward and freezes DeVoe with a cold gun as part of a personal vendetta. DeVoe uses sonic power to break outta his frosty enclosure, then snatches Gypsy and begins choking her to the point of death. Marlize refuses to see DeVoe take another innocent life and manages to talk him into letting Gypsy go.

Upon returning to Star Labs, Harry (with the help of Cecile) tells the team of DeVoe’s true plan which would concentrate dark matter and redirect it to Earth to reboot minds to a simplified state. Shortened into understandable terms: Devoe wants to remove the intelligence of everyone on Earth.

Cisco accompanies Gypsy the Agency on Earth-19. Although she feels Cisco “treats her like the only girl in the multiverse,” she cant leave her job. She plants a slew of passionate kisses on him before saying a tearful, final goodbye.

Joe asked Harry to keep Cecile distracted so he could plan a surprise baby shower. Even in the midst of a celebration its apparent that Cisco’s spirits are low. Meanwhile, Iris approaches Caitlin to suggest that she never pull surprise heroics again. Caitlin direly wants Killer Frost back and reminds Iris that she will stop at nothing to bring about her return.

Flashback #5

After the explosion, DeVoe went to Kenya to find Marlize. He thought he lost her, but she assures him that he will never lose her. She informs him that a militia group discovered the water purifier she created and killed dozens of people while taking it. As a result, she feels that “technology has become a cancer driving civilization to consume itself,” and is on board with bringing about the enlightenment.

Once Marlize returns from her trip down memory lane, DeVoe gives her an order to prepare the satellite for simulation. She adamantly refuses because she feels DeVoe no longer wants to enlighten the world and instead wants to rule it. Marlize then tells DeVoe that she’s leaving him! DeVoe approaches her for correction but is blocked by one of his invisible barriers. She reminds him that he is nothing without her and floats away in the throne.

The episode culminates with the awkward girl from Jitters swinging by the baby shower to deliver a gift. While Joe and Cecile guess who sent the gift, the girl zooms away speedster style. It’s quite unclear how the show will develop from here. Is the speedster girl DeVoe’s ace in the hole, or could she be an ally of the Flash? On the same token, now that Marlize has left DeVoe’s side, will she become an ally of Team Flash? For these answers and more, be sure to tune in next week at 8 to Atlanta’s CW!







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