Welcome to the Renaissance!

Something Rotten! is rocking the house during its Atlanta run now through April 22nd.

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While walking through New York City a few years back,  my friend and I walked past a theatre that where Something Rotten! was playing.

Cast of Something Rotten! National Tour (Photo Credit: Jeremy Daniel)

“I don’t want to see that. Seems boring.” I muttered.

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I cannot tell you how wrong little pretentious Wendell was back then. Sitting in The Fox Theatre and watching this performance was nothing short of spectacular. I have not guffawed (multiple times) in a theatre in a very long time. Something Rotten! is definitely a must-see. A hilarious script and an ensemble of creative geniuses onstage make this Tony-nominated show one of the best I’ve seen.  Set in the late 1500’s during the time of the Renaissance where creativity flourished, two brothers Nigel Bottom (Josh Grisetti) and Nick Bottom (Rob McClure) try to one-up the incomparable William Shakespeare (Adam Pascal) by creating the world’s first musical. Who would want to hear that, eh? Everyone–that’s who. And if that doesn’t get any better, the Bottom brothers and William Shakespeare are all original Broadway cast members. You might eve remember Adam from RENT!

Cast of Something Rotten! National Tour (Photo Credit: Jeremy Daniel)


If you are a literary lover or simply love classic theatre, this great production takes it all and turns it into one huge, hysterical moment in time. The music was fresh and catchy, as were the period-specific costumes. My favorite takeaway from the musical was its way to remain fresh and current with the arts from both our present time and the past, all while making us laugh hysterically. From the clever mentioning of jellicle cats to the second thoughts about the classic Romeo & Juliet, this musical touches on it all.

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The show will be at the Fox Theatre now through April 22nd, be sure to grab your tickets today!