“The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly” or Season FinaleBy Marc Watkins

Our show begins in the homeland of Amaya, Zambisi in Africa just as Mallus has emerged from the body of his host, Nora Darhk as her distraught father Damien looks on along with the rest of the Legends. Mallus is bent on destroying the world and all time so the Legends do their best to stop him. They individually attack him using the totems that they bare (Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Air, Spirit) but to no avail. The team gathers their injured and beats a hasty retreat as Wally West, aka Kid Flash – the latest addition to the Legends – literally runs interference and distracts Mallus as his team gets to safety.

On the Legends’ ship their former captain Rip Hunter devises a plan to (temporarily) halt Mallus to give the Legends the time they need to regroup. He pulls the time drive (think: “Flux Capacitor”) from the Wave Rider that allows the ship to traverse time over the objection of the ships artificial intelligence, Gideon. He then takes it to Mallus’ location and holds it as it reaches critical mass and implodes, destroying him and temporarily halting Mallus.

Once out of immediate danger, Sara Lance, current Legends’ captain, decides they need a place where they can lick their wounds and are out of the reach of Mallus. Ray comes up with the idea of heading to the old west in North Dakota, a period that is supposed to be safe from incursions. Once they arrive, the team runs in to an old friend, Jonah Hex who takes a liking to Zari Tomaz, bearer of the Wind Totem.

Back on the ship, Ray stayed behind after being instructed by Sara not to do anything stupid with Damien who has been contained within a magical force field. No sooner has Sara and the other Legends gone for some R&R than Ray releases Damien and heads towards their jump-ship (think a Star Trek shuttle craft). Just as Damien and Ray board the shuttle, Nate arrives to see what’s going on. Ray knows Nate will try to stop his plan so he punches his friend in the face and takes off  back to 1992 Zambisi before Mallus takes over Nora. See, Ray’s plan was to knock Nora/Mallus out giving the Legends time to figure out another way to defeat the time demon.

Ray & Damien arrive just as Nora escapes the tent where she was being held by the Legends but before she gets too far they both take a crack at knocking her out; Ray not that successful but the much stronger Damien is. Damien holds his daughter looking in to her eyes with fatherly love as the spirit of Mallus leaves Nora’s body and inhabits Damien as his new vessel (which was actually part of Ray’s plan all along). With Nora free from Mallus’ control, he grabs her and runs back to the shuttle as Mallus emerges from Damien’s body destroying it.

After Nate got punched in the face he goes to see his lover Amaya, bearer of the Spirit Totem, who also remained behind on the ship and is attempting to commune with her ancestors through ingesting sacred herbs (think: peyote). Nate decides to assist Amaya and ingests WAY more of the concoction than he should have but is able to accompany her on her spirit quest.  In the spirit realm, Amaya sees her ancestors working in unison to defeat Mallus and not as individuals as her and the Legends had done, but to no avail.

In the old west town, the team relaxes and tries to devise a plan to defeat Mallus. Ray shows up with the Mallus-free Nora and just as they arrive, so do some villains from the Legends’ past: Black Beard, Caesar and a female Viking. Clearly under the thrall of Mallus, the trio give the Legends until high-noon the next day to give up the totems they possess or else their army will destroy the town and the Legends to get what they want. Knowing the Legends will need assistance to defeat Mallus and his cronies, Zari created a computer program to beacon through time asking for assistance.

After her sojourn in the spirit world, Amaya – and a still high Nate – gather the Legends together to practice using their totems in conjunction with each other so they can defeat Mallus. During their first attempt, light emanates from all the totems coalescing and, as Nick called it, created a baby. A slimy, gross, malformed baby but one none-the-less. Mick uses his fire gun to destroy the creature but this gives Amaya a clear indication that they need to work together.

The next day, Ava of the Time Bureau and on again/off again girlfriend of Sara arrives via a time portal with some allies from the Legends’ past including: Helen of Troy who has been on Themyscara, land of Amazons and home to Wonder Woman; a alive, non-evil Kuasa, granddaughter of Amaya and former (future?) bearer of the Water Totem; and their former teammate Jefferson Jackson who left the Legends after Dr. Stein, half of the super hero Firestorm, died.  As the new arrivals catch up with the Legends, we learn that it has been 5 years since Jefferson was a member of the Legends (although to them its just been a few weeks or months) and that he is now married with a child.

At noon, Black Beard, Caesar & the Viking queen arrive with their respective armies in tow. Sara faces them all holding all the totems and pretends she’s going to give up but it was a ruse to catch them off-guard. Black Beard gives the order to attack and the battle is on!

Ava rides in on horseback and scoops up Sara leading the horde to the other Legends so the fight can begin in earnest. Wally West takes out scores of bad guys using his super speed; Helen has been training with the amazons and is a beast with her sword and takes out numerous bad guys herself; with no powers what so ever, Jefferson uses an old-west 6 shooter to take down those unlucky to come up against him as does Mick, that is until he faces Caesar. The two have history thanks to a previous adventure but Mick uses his hands to knock out the Roman leader. Elsehwhere, Jonah Hex and Zari bond with each other as they fight using dynamite and before long, the enemy hoard is put down.

Just as the Legends think they can breathe again, all the bodies begin to reanimate thanks to Mallus. The team realizes they need to once again try to – in Nate’s words form Voltron – so they leave their allies behind to fight the army while they once again try to use their totems together. The Legends clasp hands and concentrate in an attempt to create their avatar with the power to defeat the time demon.  In the group circle Nate has a thought that is then transmitted to the rest of the Legends and their avatar ends up being Beebo, a blue stuffed bear (think Care Bears).

The larger than life plush toy then takes on Mallus in hand to hand combat. Although there were ups and downs in the battle, the Legends ultimately emerged victorious after power slamming Mallus destroying him and their avatar which left behind battered yet alive Legends.

Once the battle is over, clean up begins. The Time Bureau shows up and returns all the anachronism soldiers to their rightful place in time as other time agents memory wipe the minds of the local populace. Jefferson goes back to his wife and child and the Legends give up their totems to Kuasa so she can find more suitable bearers for them.

In a touching moment, Amaya says goodbye to Nate as she decides it’s the appropriate moment for her to go back to her proper place in the time stream. This will allow her to continue on her destined path to get married, have kids that ultimately produce Kuasa and her sister Mari, the present day (early 21st Century) Vixen. As Nora is being lead away by agents of the Time Bureau, Ray approaches and asks to speak with her alone. In memory of her father Damien, Ray gives her one of his time stones he left behind. This will allow her to escape their clutches at the appropriate time.

As our show and season ends, we see the Legends relaxing on a beach in Aruba. Mick is trying to catch some rays when someone blocks them and it turns out to be Gary from the Time Bureau dressed as demonologist John Constantine. Seconds behind him the REAL Constantine shows up and lets the Legends know that when they released Mallus they ALSO released other demons that must now be defeated. Fade to black.

Thanks for joining us for season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow and hope to see you back her for season 4. Check local listings for time and date.


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