“The Resurrection and The Light” or Welcome Back TobiasBy Marc Watkins

Our show begins with Tobias Whale getting dressed and looking at the wounds on his body. He has been missing from Freeland since he went toe-to-toe with Black Lightning and lost. After he’s all spruced up, Tobias meets with Proctor, the local head of the secretive governmental agency ASA that Peter Gambi, Black Lightning’s confidante, once worked for. Proctor tells Tobias that with the death of one of their own Lady Eve (a death engineered by Tobias in such a way to frame Black Lightning) Tobias may get a seat at the big table. He must do one thing though: capture Black Lightning alive.

Proctor explains how the street drug Green Light is a by-product of another failed drug experiment conducted years before that has the side effect of granting special abilities to those that take it if they don’t die. Proctor thinks Black Lightning is a survivor of such an experiment and wants to use him as a guinea pig to try to keep others they’ve given the drug to alive. Knowing that Tobias will need some help, he sends in Khalil, former Garfield track athlete who was paralyzed by an errant bullet fired by Tobias months before when he was attempting to assassinate a preacher. The ASA used their technology to make Khalil walk again so they can use him as an enforcer.

We first see the hero of our show Jefferson Pierce as he arrives at the home of his ex-wife who he still has a close relationship with. Although divorced, the two engage in a steamy love making session. During their post-coital conversation, they decide to keep their possible reunion a secret from their two daughters, medical student and costumed hero Anissa, aka Thunder, and Jennifer, high school student who has just recently exhibited her own super powers, much to her chagrin.

The next day while driving, Jefferson is shocked to see his former student Khalil walking down the street so he immediately pulls over. The last time he saw Khalil he was laid up in a hospital bed with no chance of being able to walk again. Jefferson talks to Khalil to encourage him to come back to school and to also find out how he’s up and around. Khalil, though, has no interest in returning to school or divulging the secret of his newfound mobility but he won’t tell although Jefferson suspects.

Jefferson makes his way to his secret headquarters in the bottom of Peter Gambi’s tailor shop we’ve dubbed The Power Station and along with Nissa, the trio discuss ways to try to find the ASA. The ASA has several Freeland residents stored in pods keeping them on ice to use later. The pod people who were kidnapped– partially thanks to Gambi – exhibited powers that the ASA wants to use for their own nefarious purposes.

After meeting with his team, Jefferson makes his way Khalil’s mom’s house. She has no idea that her son is walking or even back in town. The mom tells Jefferson that someone from the hospital came by their home saying that Khalil had been chosen for a special program to try to get him to walk again. To her knowledge, he was out in California receiving treatment. She provides the information she has to Jefferson so he can attempt to track them down.

Elsewhere, Lynn examines Jennifer in order to isolate the gene that gives her powers. If the gene is isolated then perhaps it can, someday, be suppressed which is what Jennifer wants. When Jefferson finds out about the examination, he gets extremely angry and tells Lynn it’s a good thing they didn’t let the girls they were trying to work through their differences because he doesn’t want to deal with her at that moment.

In their efforts to find the ASA, Gambi visits an old co-worker he’s gotten information from in the past named Tommy. Tommy is a weapons maker who does contract work for the ASA. After their last encounter when Gambi injected Tommy with snake venom to elicit some information, Tommy is less than thrilled to see his old “pal”. Gambi gives Tommy 48 hours to come up with a location of the ASA or there will be hell to pay.

After Jefferson sees Khalil he lets Jennifer know because the two used to date prior to his injury. This is when he learns of the examination done by Lynn. He tells Jennifer to stay away from Khalil because he’s involved with some shady characters without coming right and saying the ASA. No sooner has Jefferson left Jen’s bedroom than she receives a text from Khalil. She rushes right over to their old home (the family is in hiding for fear the ASA will track them down to their home) and he is in their normal meeting spot, the roof right outside their bedroom. The two embrace and Jen is understandably curious as to how Khalil is up and walking. Before long, their meeting turns sour and Khalil uses his bionic legs to jump off the roof and go about his way.

Khalil ends up at his boss’ Tobias place and is told that their mission is to draw out and capture Black Lightning. Tobias tells Khalil to go to Garfield and wreak havoc on his former classmates. He does as he’s told and has been given wrist blasters that fire mini-syringes filled with Green Light. Students run everywhere in fear when Khalil sees Jennifer. Despite their last meeting, he tells her to get to safety.

While the attack is happening, Jefferson, Nissa & Gambi were meeting in the Power Station when they hear a radio report about the attack. Jefferson and his daughter suit up and head out to the school. While Thunder scopes out the school, she finds a classroom full of kids being held captive by Tobias’ #1 henchwoman, Syonide. She lets the kids go then immediately fires at Thunder but, thanks to her super power, to no avail.

The two then go hand to hand with each other and it’s a good battle. During the fight, Syonide figures out that Thunder has to hold her breath for her powers to work so she feigns injury until Thunder takes a breath and is almost able to defeat her. During the fight, Syonide receives a cut to her arm that seems to show reptilian skin underneath, but we’ll see later. She’s soon defeated by Thunder who takes off in search of her dad who’s got his own hands full.

In the hall of the school, Black Lightning squares off against Tobias. BL uses his electrical power on Tobias but nothing happens. Gambi is able to see what’s going on through BL’s viser and tells him that Tobias is wearing an insulated under-suit.  The two enemies then fight hand to hand and Tobias gives as good as he gets. Khalil shows up and fires one of his syringes at Black Lightning that nicks him in his neck. BL then tries to use his power but nothing happens. With his back turned to Tobias, he tries to draw electricity from the school when Tobias grabs and locks his arms from behind. Khalil then runs up and power punches Black Lighting in the chest, immediately stopping his heart. BL falls to the ground dead much to the chagrin of Tobias.

When Tobias goes to take off Black Lightning’s mask to find out his secret identity, Thunder shows up and thunderclaps Tobias & Khalil down, then runs to cover her dad’s body as Syonide shows up firing her gun to allow Khalil and Tobias to escape. Jennifer arrives and the two sisters cry over their dad’s body when Jenifer touches it sending an electrical pulse through her dad. Gambi, who’s got vital monitors built into BL’s super-suit, sees it has a positive effect and instructs Jennifer to do it again. Jennifer is able to use her powers like a defibrillator and gets her dad’s heart pumping again but he’s not out of the woods yet. Literally.

Thunder scoops up Black Lightning’s unconscious form and they make their way to Gambi’s who then takes the entire family to a cabin in the woods that’s off the grid. Gambi instructs Jennifer to destroy all their phones so they can’t be tracked and then electronically masks the cabin so they can try to save Jefferson’s life.

Our show ends back at Tobias’ penthouse with a masked Lala being brought in. Lala is the street level leader of The 100 gang who was previously killed by Tobias. But he got better. When Lala’s mask is removed his first instinct is to shoot Tobias but Syonide is nearby to prevent that. Tobias tells Lala his plan to take over for the ASA so they can run the city and Lala is all in.

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