If fashionistas need an ultimate kick-off party for Spring, an April celebration would be it! This month marks a time where we can wean away from transitional wear and slip into warm weather ensembles without holding onto safety nets (aka additional layers.) Every Spring, it’s pretty obvious that fabric lengths and silhouettes are common, however, if you look closely, it’s the use of different embellishments and textures that stamp a uniqueness each year. With that in mind, 2018 April trends are reporting that the more bow-ties, geo-shaped and color the better.

Enjoy trying out these April fashion must-haves:

Chambray Bow-Tie Shorts

Why I love it: Relax to the MAX. I could see myself wearing this 7 days a week.


Pleated Polka Dot Skirt

Why I love it: Pairing pleats with polka dots create an effortless movement while you pop in between shopping, lunch and evening strolls.


Circle Bags

Why I love it: In the year of geo-shaped decor, fashion isn’t sitting out. The circle-shaped accessories give fashionistas a chance to add in character and bold statements.


Jumpsuit with Details

Why I love it: Jumpsuits with more than one patterned/textured detailing is double the fun.


Lace Skirt

Why I love it: It’s romantic and an easy way to elevate a casual outfit.


Pommed Slingback Heels

Why I love it: Feet can party too.


Don’t worry if your tan and pedicure aren’t quite up to par yet, these fashion trends will overcompensate your Spring prep procrastination in a heartbeat.


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