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Cade Slattery

If you’ve grown up anywhere on this Earth, you’ve heard about the hit show, STOMP. It’s a riveting, fun time filled with performers using ordinary objects and items to create amazing music! It’s a show that will have you channeling your “Bangin’ on a Trashcan” moment (it’s a Quailman reference I’d expect you to know). The excitement and fun is purely made by the performers on stage! We got a chance to talk to one performer, Cade Slattery, who is extremely excited to be part of this STOMP crew! Originally from San Diego, he first saw the show in 2007 and wanted to grab a broom and rhythmically make some beats ever since. He even makes his own electronic music, which you can check out here. While you listen, take a look at what Cade had to say about STOMP!

W: STOMP is an entertainment staple that is contagiously relevant and exciting. How do you keep the style of the show consistently fresh?

You can expect a show that brings a lot of energy, percussive ensembles, comedy and spectacular lights to fit each mood that is created by the music.

W:For those that haven’t experienced STOMP before (like myself), what can we expect? 

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The show is not geared towards any specific audience. That’s why it has been so successful over the decades it has been around and can travel across the world to audiences who have a love for music.  And since it uses objects that anybody would see day day-to-day, it is sure to change the way they look at the urban world.

W: What makes this show different and exciting for audiences?

Even though a lot of the objects would be considered trash in the normal world, STOMP has found a way to turn them all into instruments to create tasteful music. There are all sorts of objects that create different pitches and tones that are used throughout the show as well, offering a range of sounds and not just loud metal noises as some people who haven’t seen the show might imagine. 

Get your tickets today! STOMP will be here Friday, April 6th and will have two performances on Saturday, April 7th. I’ll be there. Let’s rock out together! Thanks, Cade!



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