“Black Jesus: The Book of Crucifixion”By Marc Watkins

Our show begins in a secret ASA warehouse where previously captured kids with powers are being stored. The traitorous Kara Fowdy, Jefferson Pierce’s Vice Principal, is talking with an ASA scientist about the pod people they’re storing. Because they’ve had to move them several times recently, some of the pods are malfunctioning which Fowdy says cannot be allowed to happen or else she’d have to find more to replace them.

Black Lightning and Thunder scour the city looking for the captured kids. With the help of Peter Gambi’s knowledge of ASA technology, they’re able to locate a secret storage facility. Instead of finding the pod people, our super heroes find weapons which can harm Black Lightning. Although they don’t get what they want, they do take several dozen weapons off the street when Black Lightning destroys the building.

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Later on that night, we see Fowdy task two dirty cops, Deputy Chief Cayman & Detective Glennon, with setting up Jefferson Pierce with a crime. The next morning, Jefferson greets students as they enter school as part of his duties as principal. Once classes begin, Jefferson has a round table discussion with several students when one of the young men notices a cadre of police outside searching Jefferson’s car.

During the search police find a mass quantity of the street drug Greenlight in Jefferson’s car and office which causes the police to immediately arrest him. As Jefferson is being marched out of his school in handcuffs, several students block the exit but Jefferson convinces them to go back to class. He also encounters both of his daughters who want to use their powers to free their dad but Jefferson has to calm them down as well.

At the police station Jefferson’s friend Inspector Henderson sees his buddy under arrest and immediately knows something is amiss due to who was arrested and those that arrested him. The arrest of the Pierce patriarch causes turmoil in the family. Nissa goes to Gambi and plans on suiting up to break her dad out of jail and has to be talked out of it. Similarly Jennifer, Jefferson’s youngest daughter, also inquires of her mom why Jefferson doesn’t use his powers to escape. Lynn, Jefferson’s ex-wife, tells her daughter that you can’t always super-hero your way out of problems.

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At the police station, Henderson questions his buddy in an interview room as if he were just another defendant trying to get to the bottom of why he was under arrest. While the two talked, Cayman enters the room and says that Jefferson is being transferred due to a federal order. When he talked to Nissa, Gambi said this would happen at the behest of the ASA and once Jefferson was in their clutches, they would find out he was, in-fact, Black Lightning then kill him.

To combat this Gambi came up with a plan; in order to get suspicion off of Jefferson Pierce he created a hologram generator that would make it seem as if Black Lightning was out still fighting crime even though the main suspect was in custody. That night, Thunder walks down the street in full view of civilians when she activates the holo-generator and Black Lightning magically appears. She then chases down a self-driving van that has Gambi inside using technology to duplicate the powers of Black Lightning.

Once news breaks of Black Lightning still out in the streets, Fowdy contacts her bosses to see about having Jefferson released from custody to which they say “No”.  Henderson was also trying to secure Jefferson’s release; he did some digging in to the finances of Detective Glennon, one of the officers responsible for Jefferson’s arrest, and found some irregular money dealings. Henderson was able to get Glennon to snitch not only on himself but Deputy Chief Cayman as well. Glennon admitted to planting the drugs on Jefferson and that Cayman was in on it. With this confession, Henderson had Jefferson released and Glennon and Cayman in custody.

As the show ends, the family is reunited at their hideout home (Jefferson’s dad old place) when there is a knock at the door that turns out to be Gambi. He and Jefferson have put their problems (namely, Jefferson finding out that Gambi used to work for the ASA and was indirectly responsible for having Jefferson’s dad killed) behind them and the group sits down to a family dinner to celebrate the release of the innocent Jefferson Pierce.

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