"I, Ava" or Attack of The ClonesBy Marc Watkins

Our show begins with Legend’s captain Sara walking away with her team in her wake stating she’s going to take some time off. She recently went through a breakup with her girlfriend Ava of the Time Bureau and wants to get her mind together. As she leaves she places Amaya in charge as temporary captain.

As her first order, Amaya tasks Zari with training Mick who recently came in to possession of the Fire Totem that he delights in using to heat up food and make popcorn.  She then has to deal with an anachronism that involves her granddaughter Maya, the current Vixen, in modern day Detroit. Her first inclination is to check on her herself, but she’s talked out of that course of action by her lover Nate and newcomer to the team Wally West, aka Kid Flash.

Elsewhere in the ship, Sara prepares to leave but is being delayed by Ray, aka the Atom, who tries to convince her to stay. As the two discuss matters, Gary – a bureaucrat in the Time Bureau – shows up and is looking for help. His boss Ava, Sara’s ex, is missing and he doesn’t want the Time Bureau to learn so the Legends are his best bet at finding his wayward commander.

Sara & Ray accompany Gary to the Time Bureau’s hq where they go through her office to look for clues like they were the Scooby Gang. After discovering that Ava’s file was deleted from the computer, they find a post card in the garbage from Ava’s parents in Fresno, California so that’s their next stop. When they arrive, they’re met by a happy-go-lucky couple. As the trio discuss Ava with the couple, Sara’s antenna are raised; the parents seem too good to be true so in typical Sara fashion, she pulls a knife on the mom to get answers. Both the “mom” & “dad” quickly divulge that they’re not actually Ava’s parents but actors hired to portray the role if anyone comes looking in to Ava’s past. The mystery deepens.

Back in Detroit Nick & Wally go to the hospital where Maya is being treated for her injuries after attempting to rescue some people trapped in a house fire. Without her animal totem (which hasn’t been passed down since it was stolen by the Darhk’s from Amaya) she is more vulnerable than she should be. Nate & Wally talk with Maya’s Foster Dad when Nate sees Kuasa, Amaya’s evil granddaughter, sister to Maya and bearer of the Water Totem who has been working hand in hand with Damien Darhk & his daughter Nora to free Malice. Wally & Nate give chase and after a brief chase and battle, they corner Kuasa who lets the pair know that she’s not there to harm her sister but protect her.

The trio decide to team up to take down the Darhks using Nate as bait while Wally goes back to the Legend’s ship to protect Amaya.  The plan is for Kuasa to try to trade a trussed up Nate for the Animal Totem which is in the possession of Nora. Once the deal goes through, the trap is to be sprung by Kuasa freeing Nate, they fight the Darhks and get away with the totem. When the Darhks arrive, things initially go as planned; Kuasa tells Nora – who is possessed by the spirt of Malice – that the totem should be in her family and Nora actually agrees. Then instead of freeing Nate, Kuasa tells him that because her grandmother loves him, her – Kuasa- very existence is in danger if Amaya doesn’t meet the man she initially married before joining the Legend’s. Kuasa then takes her leave, leaving behind Nate to the tender mercies of the Darhks.

Meanwhile, Gary, Ray & Sara try to figure out where Ava actually is when she shows up. She tells them that she was in Fresno with her parents which of course the trio know is a lie. To try to figure out what Ava is hiding, Sara swipes her time gizmo she wears on her wrist and they hack its history. They learn that the year 2213 is off limits for time travel and the only way to get there is through the Time Bureau’s mothership which they promptly swipe and head to Vancouver.

When they arrive they find a land of Ava’s; turns out she’s a clone and “Ava” is an acronym for “Advanced Variant Automation”. Sara and her companions find the warehouse where the Ava’s are manufactured and Ray, being the ever curious scientist, fiddles with a control device which promptly makes a fully formed Ava. This Ava realises that Sara and her crew are interlopers and tries to take them down but Sara easily incapacitates her. No sooner has this occurred when the “real” Ava arrives. She sees her face on one of the clones and passes out.

Nate is having a rough go of it as well; he’s still in the clutches of the Darhks and is tortured by Damien. Normally Damien derives pleasure in the pain of others but his head is elsewhere. Nora is possessed by Malice which is causing Damien all sorts of concern. Nate, realising this is a way for him to NOT be harmed, acts as Damien’s therapist to get him to talk through his issues instead of taking them out on him.  Nate & Damien decide to work together to betray Malice.

In the clone factory Ava comes to and is brought up to speed on her own origins. For some as of yet un-divulged reason, Rip Hunter, former leader of the Legends, recruited Ava, wiped her mind implanting new memories and put her to work for the time bureau. The room is then filled with Ava clones and in order to escape OUR Ava pretends to be one of them and marches Gary, Sara and Ray past as the clones look on. Just as it seem as if they’re going to get away, the Ava clone they fought earlier escapes her bonds and let her sister clones know that the “real” Ava was a fake. With subtlety no longer an option, Sara & Ava take on the clones while Ray & Gary stand by gaping pretty much useless.  Ava & Sara are able to defeat the clone army while keeping Ray & Gary safe and make their escape.

After betraying Nate, Kuasa returns the Animal Totem to its original owner, her grandmother Amaya on the Wave Rider. Instead of this being a loving family moment, Amaya has some pretty strong words for her granddaughter telling her she was never worthy of the totem after learning she betrayed Nate. With this information Amaya and Wally race off to rescue Nate who has teamed up with Damien.

Damien is no match for his possessed daughter despite his own magical abilities and is knocked out leaving the bound Nate to be disposed of. Nora begins sucking the life force from Nate when Amaya and Wally arrive to rescue him.  Being the cocky kid he is, Wally thinks his speed will give him the upper-hand and races to free Nate. Nora not only can see Wally as he uses his super-speed, but sucks it out of him redirecting it back where it came from knocking Wally out.

The last one standing is Amaya and she activates the animal totem which causes her some pain because it somehow feeds on Malice’s realm. Amaya is able to overcome this and battles Nora hand to hand. While Nora is distracted with Amaya, Kuasa arrives and frees Nate. The recovered Wally, Nate, Amaya and Kuasa stand to face possessed Nora but she’s just too powerful. To demonstrate this she is able to telekinetically remove the Water Totem housed in Kuasa’s body killing her instantly. A distraught Amaya cries over her body but before they too can be killed, Wally whisks them to safety.

The show ends with Amaya hopping in a jump ship with coordinates that are in the past so that she can save her family from facing the fate we’ve seen up to this point.

Will she be successful? Tune in next Monday to an all new Legends of Tomorrow. Also be sure to follow @ATLCW & @ATLBlerd to live-tweet the show.


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