“Sins of The Father: The Book of Redemption” or Lala LandBy Marc Watkins

Our show begins during the night time in Freeland. We see 2 Bits, a street hustler, peddling his wares to pedestrians when he notices a young girl buy Green Light from a drug dealer. As soon as she takes it, her body begins to glow as if she’s on fire then out of nowhere a van shows up, and several men hop out, snatch the girl up and disappear into the night.

Elsewhere in the city Thunder, aka Anissa Pierce, breaks in to the warehouse where pods containing the bodies of children snatched up by the ASA 30 years before are being housed. As Nissa snoops around she discovers that the kids aren’t dead but in a state of suspended animation. She begins to break them out but thinks better of it for fear she’ll cause more harm than good. Instead she rushes home and tells her father Jefferson, aka Black Lightning, about what she discovered and how.

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Jefferson’s former friend and mentor Peter Gambi previously worked for the ASA as a spotter where his job was to find kids who exhibited special powers which were a side effect of a vaccine put in the water supply of the black neighborhoods in Freeland to keep them docile. When Gambi finally divulged this information to Jefferson, the man he treated like a son for 30 years and helped become Black Lightning, Jefferson felt he could no longer trust Peter. Because Jefferson no longer talked to Gambi, Peter tells Anissa about the warehouse that she checks out with her dad.

Black Lightning and Thunder return to the warehouse which is now empty; the pods containing the kids have been spirited away but armed guards appear and begin shooting at BL and Thunder. The pair use their powers to disable the guards and make their escape.

One of Black Lightning’s enemies Lala, a member of The 100 gang, has recently returned from the dead after being killed by his boss Tobias Whale who has himself disappeared after a run-in with Black Lightning. Since his return, Lala communes with the dead, specifically those who he’s personally sent to the hereafter. Lala sits in a club run by his gang and appears to be talking to his cousin who he killed for bringing too much heat on the gang as his underlings watch in stunned silence.  When one of his cronies questions Lala’s fitness to lead, the gang leader rips his ear off with his bare hands and then shoots the hood with his own gun. He then sends them scurrying out to the streets to sell drugs.

The next morning 2Bits shows up at Jefferson’s house – his childhood friend – to tell him about the kidnapping he witnessed the previous night. After he leaves, Jennifer, Jefferson’s teenaged daughter comes downstairs prepared to head to school but Jefferson instructs her to stay in light of the information he just received. Jefferson also has Nissa stay home to keep an eye on her younger sister. As the sisters talk, Jennifer is upset because she doesn’t want powers and just wants to live a normal life. The altruistic Nissa, however, sees the powers as a gift and not a curse that should be used for the benefit of the community. As the conversation turns heated, Jennifer briefly loses control of her powers and lights up like a Christmas tree which scorches a nearby couch.

Now that he’s returned from the dead, Lala wants to get back to business of selling drugs so he calls in one of his old connects for a meeting. The drug Green Light that’s in hot demand can no longer be manufactured thanks to Black Lightning and Thunder destroying the means of production so Lala wants the standard fare BUT is lacking the finances to make an all-out purchase. As sign of good faith to receive the drugs on consignment, Lala gives up the address to his own mother that if he doesn’t make good on paying the supplier back, they have the ability to harm the woman who gave him birth.

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Despite being on the outs with Jefferson, Gambi goes about his day & life as normal, opening up his tailor shop. A young girl comes in and asks Gambi if she can place a flyer in his window of her friend named Neema who is missing. Turns out she’s the young girl who was kidnapped at the beginning of the episode. Gambi says he’ll place the flyer in his window as he realises the ASA is up to their old tricks. Later in the day Proctor, along with two of his goons, pays Gambi a visit in his shop. Proctor tells his old subordinate that if he, Gambi, doesn’t come along quietly then another agent outside will start shooting civilians randomly. Because he’s got a heart, Gambi gives up the two guns he pulled and goes along with Proctor.

At an undisclosed location, Proctor has Gambi beaten and tortured in order to learn the secret identity of Black Lightning. Proctor knew that Gambi had broken in to the storage facility where the people pods were housed and not long after that, so did BL which is more than coincidental. After getting beaten and water-boarded Gambi didn’t give up any information so Proctor tries a different tactic. He knows of Gambi’s close relationship to Jefferson so Proctor sends a couple of his goons to bring him in for a little “chat”.

The goons find Jefferson at his school mentoring the young man who splashed paint on Jennifer to intimidate her to keep her mouth shut after she saw something she shouldn’t have in a previous episode. When the goons get Jefferson to the location they put a gun to his head to get Gambi to talk. The former friends share a look then Jefferson powers up causing a blackout in the building which allows Gambi to disarm one of the goons and shoot them both allowing he and Jefferson to escape.

Jefferson gets Gambi to the hidden room underneath his shop we’ve dubbed The Power Station. Jefferson tries to convince Gambi to leave the city but he won’t stating no one knows of the hidden room other than himself and the Pierce family. Before Jefferson goes to check on his family, Gambi tells him that he needs to find the spotter – the person responsible for notifying the ASA of kids with powers, the job he formerly did.

In order to keep his family safe, Jefferson moves them in to his childhood home where his father was murdered 30 years before by Tobias Whale. No one knows about the house which isn’t in his name so Jefferson feels that they should be safe for a while until they figure how to take down the ASA.

The show ends with Proctor overseeing the placement of the people pods in a new, undisclosed location as he talks to an unseen person. When the camera swings around it turns out he’s giving orders to Kara Fowdy, the vice principal who works side-by-side with Jefferson! Turns out SHE’S the spotter for the ASA that Gambi warned Jefferson to be on the lookout for. Proctor has realized that Jefferson is secretly Black Lightning and tasks Fowdy with destroying him.

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