“The Book of Little Black Lies” or Take Your Daughter To Work DayBy Marc Watkins

Our show begins with Jefferson working out his anger and frustration on a punching bag after learning he’s been betrayed for years by Gambi.  Turns out that “Gambi” was really Peter Exposito and instead of being a mild-mannered tailor, he was actually an agent of a super-secret organization that was responsible for pushing a “vaccine” in Freeland that had the side effect of giving kids powers. The kids that developed special abilities were “disappeared” by those Gambi worked for and when he felt guilty, he told Jefferson’s dad Alvin who was a reporter. Alvin dug up dirt that ultimately got him killed by Tobias Whale and Jefferson holds Gambi responsible.

After his workout, Jefferson – using his Black Lightning voice – calls Detective Henderson to ask why he personally didn’t follow through on the tip he was given to locate the bodies of those really responsible for killing Tobias’ boss Lady E, along with the weapons used to mimic lightning powers. During the call Henderson acknowledges that Black Lightning didn’t commit the murder and he’s going to take some personal time off to do his own digging in to those responsible.

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In the Pierce home Nissa goes to talk to her younger sister Jennifer who’s going through a crisis; last episode her powers began manifesting so she thinks she’s going crazy. When she expresses this to Nissa, big sis knew exactly what she was going through having recently developed her own abilities that she uses as the super hero Thunder. When it seemed as if Jenn didn’t want to believe Nissa, big sis lifted Jenn’s entire bed up with her on it. Nissa then divulges not only her secret identity but that of their dads.

When Jennifer confronts her dad she felt betrayed, much like Jefferson did towards Gambi, knowing that secrets were kept from her her entire life. Jefferson and the girls’ mom Lynn were upset with Nissa for telling a secret they felt it was their responsibility to divulge. After tempers cooled, Jefferson and Nissa decided to try to find out who was out to get them by going down to the courthouse to look at old files. They reason that if they can find out who was responsible for the vaccine they could in turn learn who is responsible for the street drug Green Light that has some of the same chemical composition and take the fight to those who want to do them harm.

Meanwhile, Gambi is conducting his own investigation in order to make amends for betraying Jefferson and all the kids he unwittingly caused to be harmed. A rather portly gentleman hops in his car to find a waiting Gambi in the back seat who injects him with what turns out to be snake venom. The man can get the anti-venom IF he provides Gambi with the name of the person responsible for making and/or selling the weapon used to kill Lady Eve. Once the guy gives up the goods, Gambi gives him the cure.

At the courthouse, Jefferson and Anissa learn the name of the corporation behind the vaccine and, in turn, a lawyer who worked on the companies behalf. Dressed in Barack & Michelle Obamas masks (because they’re being hunted in their superhero outfits) they pay the lawyer a late-night visit and “convince” him to give up what he knows about those in charge of the company behind the vaccine.

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After doing some more sleuthing, Gambi’s investigation turns up a warehouse where he discovers the bodies of the young people he scouted years before housed in what appears to be cryogenic tubes. He then contacts Nissa and asks her to come visit his shop which she does. Nissa knows that her dad and Gambi aren’t on speaking terms but doesn’t know why. Gambi tells her that he kept secrets from her father without going in to any detail, but he expresses regret for his actions. He lets Nissa know that he’ll do anything to protect their family, and before she leaves gives her a bag that contains her own, super-suit.

While her father and sister are out trying to keep the city safe, Jennifer is still at home moping. Lynn tries to engage her in conversation but teenage Jennifer rolls her eyes which doesn’t sit well with her mom who sits her down and has a heart-to-heart with her youngest daughter. Jennifer spills her fears; she feels as if she’s a freak and that no one will want her. She doesn’t share Nissa’s desire to save the world and only wants to live a normal life that includes prom, college, marriage and kids, something which her mom can’t guarantee she’ll have which causes her to breakdown crying. This is a lot for a 16 year old to deal with.

With her new super suit, Thunder joins Black Lightning on a stakeout of Martin Proctor, the head of the ASA, Gambi’s former employer responsible for the abduction of the super-powered kids years ago. Unbeknownst to the duo, Henderson – in the midst of his own investigation – is on a nearby rooftop surveilling dirty cops who are working with Proctor. The bad guys leave with our heroes not far behind.

The hunted and the hunters end up at a warehouse where the drug Green Light is being manufactured. Black Lightning and Thunder make their way inside and tell the underlings to take a hike and go fist to fist with the actual bad guys. The pair take down goons left and right with their powers even though they have a special gun to negate BL’s power. Working in concert with Thunder Black Lightning is able to escape the trap set for him. He then finds Proctor who holds a gun to the head of one of the doctors in his employ threatening to kill him if BL keeps coming towards him. Black Lightning is like, “Go ahead”. While his attention is on Proctor, a bad guy sneaks up from behind intent on putting a bullet in our hero. Before he can pull the trigger, though, Black Lightning’s back is covered by Henderson.

When Black Lightning turns back around, Proctor is gone leaving the doctor behind. Henderson takes him in to custody and BL & Thunder destroy the drugs and warehouse despite its evidentiary value. Our show ends with Jefferson comforting Jenn in a tinder father/daughter moment as the reconnect and bond over a movie.

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