This monthly must-have post officially marks the beginning of Spring wear! Top Spring Summer fashion trends for 2018 are no longer a tease. These warm trends are open for business and SO ready for you to try them out.

Since we don’t want to go overboard (because GA’s hot/cold balance is still figuring itself out), I’ve only highlighted 6 must-have trends for you to welcome home today. Enjoy!

Fringe Accessories

Currently on a fringe binge, because Wednesday could use a little fun.

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Why I love it: If you’re not quite sure about a trending spring color, take it for a spin as an accessory. Accenting it in your wardrobe is the perfect way to try it out! Plus, fringe is fun.

Gingham Patterned Heel Sandals


Why I love it: Gingham is a classic trend year in and year out. Sporting this pattern on cute heel sandals is the way to spice it up.


Denim on Denim

Long live the Canadian Tuxedo. #DamnGoodDenim

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Why I love it: The ultimate comfy chic duo this season!


Crochet Detailing


Why I love it: This is definitely a new trend for Spring, so it’s totally worth trying out. Plus, it’s a great way to lift your spirit from last seasons bell sleeves overused craze.


Criss-Cross Knit Sweater


Why I love it: A saving grace for those chilly mornings still lingering…


Petal Prints

Maxi-mum spring fever 🍊 Photo via @darlingcoco (link in profile to shop)

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Just add 🍹🍹🍹 Photo via @anthro_palmbeach (link in profile to shop)

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Why I love it: Petals! Petals! Petals! Is there a better way to celebrate Spring than with pretty petal prints? I think not! Fashionistas – beware though – Anthropologie has a swoon-worthy collection.


Happy March! May you try all the styles you want.


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