“No Country for Old Dads” or Daddy IssuesBy Marc Watkins

Our show begins with Sarah Lance, leader of the Legends & her paramour, Ava of the Time Bureau, in the kitchen of the Wave Rider, the Legend’s main form of transportation through the time stream, basking in the glow of their previous night’s activities. As they talk, one of the crew members Zari walks in causing an awkward situation. They’re saved when the ship receives an incoming call from Gary of the Time Bureau, one of Ava’s subordinates. He says that they’ve received a literal message in a bottle from Ray Palmer, aka The Atom, another Legends team member.

The message, contained on one of the cell phones Ray created, informs his team that he was in the clutches of Damian Darhk & his daughter Nora, both powered with magic and are bent on world domination. Or destruction depending on the day. Ray lets his teammates – who didn’t realize he was even missing – know NOT to try to find him or else his life would be forfeit.

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After the message is played, former Legends captain Rip Hunter and Wally West, aka Kid Flash formerly of Team Flash, arrive on the Wave Rider via a portal they stole from Gary and are quickly brought up to speed on the missing Ray. A plan is put in place for Amaya, aka Vixen, and Zari to enter in to a spirit realm so Amaya can use her connection to her animal totem necklace (which gives her the powers of the animal she selects) which is in the clutches of Nora to try to locate it and by extension Ray. Wally, who has been on his own spiritual journey, offers to help.

The Darhks have taken pleasure in torturing Ray since he has been in their clutches. They need him to use his genius I.Q. to fix the fire totem which is one of the three Team Darhk has in their possession, only one of which is currently fully functional (the previously mentioned animal totem stolen from Amaya and held by Nora which she can’t access its powers; the water totem held by Amaya’s granddaughter Kuasa & the broken fire totem).

Ray tells the Darhk’s he’s in need of a lab to analyse the fire totem, so they magically appear at his old place of employment, an App company in California run by Ray’s old boss, the millennial Alan. While Ray examines the totem with Alan’s equipment, Damian takes immense pleasure in bouncing Alan off the walls, floors & ceilings the way a child would a rubber ball. After examining the totem, Ray tells the only way it can be fixed is by a process of cold fusion which has yet to be invented. What he soon discovers, however, is that it had been.

In the 1960s an East-German scientist named Dr. Vogal had in fact created cold fusion but was assassinated by Damian Darhk’s younger self. They put a plan in place to have Nora & Ray go back to the 1960s and rescue the good doctor from Damian the Younger while present-day Damian remains in, well, the present day.

Nora & Ray arrived in the doctor’s apartment and try to explain to him that his life was in danger. Not believing them, he calls his guards that Nora & Ray have to fight off. On the outside, Damian the Younger is taking out guards left and right on his way to carry out his mission. Just as Ray & Nora finish on the inside, Damian the Younger arrives and the trio have to escape out of the bathroom window when Nora’s time-stone that would have transported them back to the present day is destroyed by DTY.

Back on the Wave Rider, Amaya & Zari, with the help of Wally, enter the astral plane that looks significantly different from the last time Amaya visited. She communicated with one of her ancestors who informs her the landscape has changed due to Nora’s evil influence over the animal totem despite her inability to use its power. The ancestor also says that the Darhks are created the time paradoxes in order to free the demon M’alice from his eternal time prison; if the time stream is weak, he will be freed.

Back in the ‘60s, Nora, Ray & Dr. Vogal hold up to try to regroup after narrowly escaping from Damian the Younger. While they try to figure out their plans, Ray has a heart-to-heart conversation with Nora and realizes that she has significant daddy issues in that she’s constantly trying to gain his acceptance by trying to please him. After the counselling session, the trio decide to try to cross the border between East & West Germany using a stolen car, purloined clothes and forged passports.

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In the present, Damian talks to the corpse of Alan (Ray’s former boss he killed at the beginning of the episode) about his daughter and how she was to have returned to the present by now. He decides to himself return to the 1960s in search of her. He first arrives at Dr. Vogal’s apartment. Not finding them there, Damian guesses they will try to cross the border via car and he was right. Just as Damian the Elder arrives at the border crossing, Nora, Ray & Dr. Vogal have just fooled the East German guards and are about to cross. As they do, Damian the Younger is in the woods and takes a shot at their car. DTE arrives and flings bodies around with his magical abilities and whisks his daughter and the others off to safety.

When the now quartet reach safety, daddy & daughter have an argument that causes Nora to go outside to cool down. Unbeknownst to her, DTY has tracked down their location and takes her hostage since she’s unable to use either the totem or her own magic powers to defend herself. Damian the Younger calls the hideout and speaks to his older self, offering a deal: Nora for Dr. Vogal. Of course Damian agrees without hesitation and goes off to the meet leaving a trussed up Ray behind.

Damian the Elder wears a mask to the meet so as not to freak out his younger self and hands the doctor over. The second the doc is in the clear, Damian the Younger shoots him then flings Nora off the roof of the several stories high building. DTE uses his magical abilities to stop her descent then brings her back up to the roof but before she can reach safety, DTY begins shooting. Then a yo-yo battle with Nora’s life hanging in the balance commences: DTE has to divide his attention between defending himself and keeping Nora aloft.

Seeing that her father is about to be killed by his younger self, Nora tells DTE to let her go and he does. This selflessness on Nora’s part allows her to access the powers of the animal totem and before she goes “splat”, she utilizes the power of a hawk and flies to safety on the roof. Meanwhile, Ray who has since freed himself, arrives on the roof as well. He tries to get the injured doctor to safety but before he can, DTE shoots the doctor dead. Prior to his death, the doctor gave Ray the formula for cold fusion contained in a doll which Nora now wants.

As the two face off, Nora knows kind-hearted Ray won’t shoot her but instead, he blasts a hole in the Berlin Wall which creates a time paradox the Legends can home in on. When the Legends arrive in the 1960s, Kid Flash, races up to Ray and runs him to safety. On the time ship, Ray is greeted by his teammates and Wally has a surprise for them: He stole the fire totem from DTE’s pocket.

As the show ends, Ava is being chastised by her boss at the Time Bureau via video chat as chaos reigns behind him. He wants Ava to take Rip into custody for violating Time Bureau rules which caused the deaths of several agents. As Ava is weighing her boss’s words, he is killed before their eyes by Gorilla Grodd. This now makes Ava the head of the Time Bureau as she was the most senior member.

Wally was initially going to join Rip at the Bureau but decided to become a Legend instead. As Rip leaves the time ship through a portal, he orders Gideon, the ship’s artificial intelligence, to delete information on Ava stating that Sarah – who has a crush on her – cannot find out who she really is.

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