“Equinox: The Book of Fate” or Death and ResurrectionBy Marc Watkins

Our show begins with Nissa getting checked out by her mother Lynn in the Power Station, Black Lightning’s secret headquarters in the bottom of Peter Gambi’s clothing shop. Last episode, Black Lightning and Nissa got in to a fight due to mistaken identities and intentions with the father getting the best of the daughter. Lynn, having seen what being a super hero did to Jefferson, doesn’t want Nissa to enter in to the family business, no matter how strong or powerful her eldest daughter is. Nissa’s main desire, though, is to help people.

In the shop above, a sullen Jefferson Pierce talks with his mentor Gambi about recent events. Jefferson has been on the hunt for Tobias Whale who murdered Jefferson’s father 30 years before and he has recently found out that not only is Tobias alive and back in Freeland, but that Gambi knew. Gambi’s excuse was he was trying to protect Jefferson from doing something he would regret the rest of his life, but Jefferson isn’t buying it.

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Later Jefferson and Lynn go to the police station so she can give a description of the men who held her hostage in her lab. Their family friend Inspector Henderson asks a lot of personal questions trying to get to the bottom of why Lynn was targeted.

Elsewhere in the city Tobias spars with a rather large gentleman in a caged fight and defeats him pretty easily despite his size and discovering that the man was on the powerful drug Green Light. After freshening up, Tobias talks with his sister Tori about plans for their criminal organization. He no longer wants to sell Green Light because it has become fatal; you can’t have a thriving drug business if your costumers die.

Tobias’ immediate boss is funeral director “Lady E” who we learn has a long standing relationship with Gambi who appears at her shop to talk over recent events that have affected the Pierson family. There is a long standing agreement that the family is not to be touched. Gambi also expressed concerns about Tobias getting too big for his britches. Lady E doesn’t want Tobias touched because he brings in so much  money, but gives the go ahead for Tobias’ right-hand man Joey Toledo to be rubbed out.

In the Pierson household Nissa wants to train with her father to learn how to fight crime but both of her parents are adamantly opposed to the idea. This causes tension that Jefferson’s youngest daughter Jennifer picks up on.

Lynn hides out in the Power Station while her two assailants are still at large. She and Jefferson try to figure out why she was targeted when she tells him that Nissa brought a box of Jefferson’s dad’s notes and papers by.  Jefferson confronts Nissa about this and lets her know that this could very well have placed the man she got it from, David Poe who was the editor of a paper the deceased Pierson worked, life in danger so he needed to be warned. Nissa goes by his office only to learn that Mr. Poe has been dead about a week after a hit-and-run “accident” about a week prior while he was out riding his bike.


At a fight club, we see Joey Toledo in a back office counting money when there is a disturbance just outside. He sends some of his henchmen to investigate and soon their shouts of terror can be heard. Suddenly, a smoke grenade is launched in the room blinding Joey as he fires blindly towards the door. When the smoke clears, a masked man enters and pumps several rounds in to Joey’s chest. As he lay on the floor dying, the man removes his mask to reveal that it’s Gambi who killed Joey in cold blood. He then places a small casket on Joey’s chest that he got from Lady E as a message to Tobias, then departs.

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When Tobias learns of Joey’s death he knows it was sanctioned by Lady E due to the casket on the body that was found by one of Joey’s workers. Tobias tells his sister that he wants to kill Lady E but if he does so without the permission of the Shadow Board (whoever they are), it could mean his death too. But he thinks he’s found a way around that.

Knowing that Black Lightning was hunting Joey to get to Tobias, Detective Henderson calls BL to the crime scene on the phone he was provided to give him an update. Henderson tells BL that more likely than not Tobias can be found at a jazz club scheduled for a grand opening that night that was frequented by Joey. With this information, Black Lightning heads for a show down.

At the club, Tobias is giddy with excitement as he walks through the bowels of his new club with his mini-entourage which includes his sister Tori. Out of nowhere, Black Lightning appears much to the surprise of Tobias who gets a chest full of lightning from the masked vigilante. Tobias’ underlings scramble to protect their boss and neutralize the threat, but to no avail.

Black Lightning stops bullets with his powers and throws henchmen to and fro, one of whom is firing his machine gun when he’s hit. The blast from Black Lightning spins the henchman as he fires that sends a spray of bullets all around the corridor, one of which strikes Tori in the back. All Tobias can do is look on in horror at his injured sister, but due to his own injuries he has to make a hasty retreat. When BL finishes mop up duty on the underlings he goes after Tobias only to find the dying Tori. All Black Lightning can do is watch as she takes her last breath.

At the funeral home where Lady E runs her businesses (legitimate and other wise) a group of armed men rush in as she’s leaving and start firing electrical weapons. Lady E is briefly protected by her  guards but they’re soon taken out of action which causes her to defend herself. Lady E is pretty adept at hand-to-hand combat and disarms one of her attackers and uses his weapon against the rest of her assailants. When it appears the fighting is over, up pops yet another bad guy out of a casket and fries Lady E on the spot with the advanced weapon.

Back in the Power Station, Lynn packs up to go back home after news reports state that the bodies of her attackers were found. Having had plenty of alone time to think, Lynn came to the decision that it would be a good idea for Jefferson to train Nissa since she’s so hard headed and will probably go out to try to save the city regardless. Lynn lets her daughter know her change of mind when she arrives to pick up her mom. Nissa is given another surprise:  Gambi is working on a super-suit for her night time activities as a crime fighter.

After things have settled down, Black Lightning receives a call from Detective Henderson from the mortuary as he stands over the charred remains of Lady E and her henchmen. Henderson tells BL that he’s gone too far and that he’ll be receiving no more cooperation from him. Turns out it was all part of Tobias’ dastardly plan: He had his henchmen use high-tech, electrical weapons to make it seem as if Lady E was killed by Black Lightning and not himself, thereby avoiding the wrath of the Shadow Board.

As the show ends the scene shifts to a hotel room where we see Lala, the street leader of The 100 gang who was “killed” by Tobias weeks before, wakes up. As he sits on the bed, looking around confused, he sees Lawanda, a woman HE killed previously who disappears in a puff of smoke that slowly makes its way to Lala and graphs itself on to his body in the form of a tattoo that resembles Lawanda.

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Will the truth come to light and Black Lightning be cleared? Is Lala truly back? Tune in next Tuesday at 9:00 for an all-night Black Lightning. Also, follow @ATLCW & @ATLBlerd on Twitter to live-tweet the show.