“Collision Course” or Friends No More

Our show begins with Mayor Queen talking about the death of Cayden James with one of his police captains trying to figure out what happened. He doesn’t believe that Cayden’s death was random, especially considering Cayden extorted $70,000,000 from the city which now sits unclaimed. What the mayor doesn’t realize, however, is he’s talking to the person who was responsible for Cayden’s death; the police captain is in the pocket of one of Cayden’s compatriots, drug dealer Ricardo Diaz who actually did the deed of murdering him.

At city hall, Oliver meets with the heads of many of the municipal departments who are all concerned what will happen if the city doesn’t get their money returned. They let the mayor know that without the funds, many of their departments will shut down. After the meeting, Oliver meets with his inner-circle which is his sister Thea & Quentin Lance who are both part of his administration. Oliver lets them know that he’s got an accountant on the island where Cayden hid his money off-shore waiting to bring a check back which he didn’t share with the department heads in case something went wrong.

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No sooner have those words been spoken when the accountant shows up and lets His Honor know that Cayden’s account has been emptied by an unknown person and the bank was unwilling to cooperate further than that. At home, Oliver let’s Felicity know about his day and asks her to use her skills to get the bank to comply with their request for information, which they do.

The next day, the Mayor receives a video from the bank that shows the money was taken by the Laurel Lance from an alternate earth who, along with Diaz & the Russian mobster Anatoly, was part of Cayden’s Cabal. The last anyone has seen of Faux-Laurel was during the big showdown with Cayden’s crew and she was gut-shot by Dinah.

Meanwhile, Oliver’s former teammates Rene “Wild Dog” Ramirez, Curtis “Mr. Terrific” Holt and policewoman Dinah “Black Canary” Drake are also searching for Faux-Laurel. During the epic showdown with Cayden’s cabal, Dinah’s lover & former police partner, Vincent Sobel, was killed by Faux-Laurel, so Dinah is more concerned with getting revenge for that more so than getting the money back to save the city.

What we soon learn is that Faux-Laurel is being hidden away in a cabin in the woods by Quentin Lance who is Laurel’s “father” (the REAL Laurel was killed by Damian Darhk) and he’s doing his best to connect with her to change her from her evil ways. He knows she’s got the money and that the world is searching for her, but during another meeting with Oliver he doesn’t mention that he knows where she is. Thea, however, speculates that Quentin is up to something and follows him after a meeting with the mayor and discovers his secret.

The other team goes to Faux-Laurel’s last known location and uses some of Curtis’ tech to try to recreate the scene when she was last seen. They learn that she was drug away, but they can’t tell by whom. Not long after, Team Arrow arrives in the same alley and Felicity uses HER tech to try to figure out what occurred. What she finds is Dinah’s footprint which leads them to believe that Curtis’ team has Faux-Laurel.

Based on this, Diggle & Oliver suit up in their Guardian and Green Arrow costumes respectively and, along with Felicity, pay an unsuspecting visit on their former teammates. Angry words are exchanged between the parties and how no one trusts any one. Rene physically confronts Oliver who then pulls an arrow on him while Diggle shoots a tear-gas canister that incapacitates Dinah & Curtis leaving Felicity the freedom to search the other team’s HQ for Faux-Laurel. Finding nothing, Team Arrow make a hasty retreat.

What Team Arrow doesn’t know is that Rene is wily; he planted a hidden microphone on Oliver during their confrontation so his team can hear if they find Faux-Laurel. And soon they do – back at the cabin Faux-Laurel has awakened from her slumber and tells Quentin to call Oliver which they do. She says she’ll return the money she stole only if Team Arrow helps her escape the country to get away from the blood-thirsty Dinah.

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Soon, Diggle, Felicity and Ollie load up in the van and head out to Quentin’s secret hideaway. Soon, though, they have a tail; Curtis was able to track the microphone on Oliver and his team fell in behind Team Arrow. During the ride, Dinah reminds her team that they need to treat Team Arrow as if they were any other bad-guys. Diggle soon realises they’re being followed and Felicity finds the tracker on Oliver. Diggle throws it out the window which allows them to head to their destination without any interference from the B-Squad.

When they arrive, Faux-Laurel lets Team Arrow know her demands about escaping the country which Oliver initial balks at. He feels that she can’t be trusted. Then Quentin speaks up and lets Faux-Laurel know that wherever she goes, he goes. He still feels she can be turned from the dark side if she but had a positive influence in her life and he was determined that was going to be him.

On the side of the road, the B-Team debate how they’re going to find Team Arrow when Curtis realizes he can activate a chip placed in Diggle’s arm and use it as a homing beacon. When Curtis does, the effects are immediate and causes Diggle pain. Felicity realises what’s happening and lets her team know the B-Squad will soon be there.

Oliver decides that he & Diggle will take on their former friends while Quentin, Thea & Felicity get Faux-Laurel to safety. Unfortunately for Team Arrow, the B-Team arrives a lot faster than expected and an epic showdown between friends occurs. Dinah takes on Diggle who still feels the effects from his hacked arm and is able to take care of him pretty quickly freeing her to go after Faux Laurel. Curtis & Oliver square off; Curt uses his T-Spheres to block all the arrows Oliver shoots at him until a concussive one is sent his way knocking him down. Rene uses his guns to try to pin Quentin, Thea & Faux-Laurel down by shooting at their getaway car. Then, Felicity jumps in the bullets path getting winged but allowing the others to get away.

Curtis and Rene then team up to take on their mentor but they’re still no match for him. During the fight Oliver judo-kicks Rene’ into a tree rendering him unconscious. In the woods, Quentin and Faux-Laurel try to get away but are soon confronted by Dinah. When Quentin approaches her to try to be reasonable, Dinah uses her staff to knock him out leaving her with her injured nemesis. Dinah is able to get the best of Faux-Laurel and just as it looks justice is about to be served, Curtis shows up and talks Dinah in to foregoing her revenge. When Dinah realises that’s the best course of action, Faux-Laurel uses her powers to blast Curtis & Dinah to the ground. Just as they’re about to go after her when Oliver and Diggle show up ready for round 3. Oliver shoots Dinah with a sonic damper and just as blows are about to be struck, Renee comes staggering in to the battle field then passes out. Curtis rushes to his side and sees how severe the injuries are and realises they need to rush Rene to the hospital.

Of course Faux-Laurel has made her escape and no money is being returned to the city despite Quentin’s best wishes. Oliver, as mayor, has to face the city and during a press conference realizes he’s failed the city. At the hospital, Diggle & Felicity try to pay a visit to the injured Rene, but Curtis and Dinah aren’t having it. Rene’s injuries are more severe than initially thought and he will have to be transferred to another hospital outside of the city.

As the show ends, we see an injured Faux-Laurel appear dazed and confused as she comes upon a workman. When he asks who she is she says “Laurel Lance”.

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What does this mean? Will Rene recover from his injuries? Tune in next Thursday at 9:00 to find out. And be sure to follow @ATLCW & @ATLBlerd on Twitter to live tweet the show.