By Taylor Gibson
Barry excitedly walks into CCPD eager to return to work, since he is free and clear of all charges. He meets with Captain Singh who tells him he has to take an indefinite leave of absence at the mayor’s request. He returns to Star labs and meets with the team about switching their focus to finding the remaining bus metas, so Ralph visits the bus depot’s lost-and-found and finds a demo CD  from Izzy Bowin. Cisco vibes the CD to find out that she is performing at a local bar.
DeVoe (who keep in mind is in Lady Luck’s body) is upset with Izzy’s lack of “refinement.” He expresses to Marlize that he must move into the next host body and becomes even more furious when he sees Barry already reaching out to Izzy. Barry almost mistakenly introduces himself as a member of CCPD and has to tiptoe around the fact that a dangerous man is coming after her. Of course, she says she doesn’t need any help and becomes aggressive when they insist that she come with them until she [ultimately] unleashes a high pitch sound blast that knocks down Barry and Ralph by temporarily deafening them.
I Don’t Need Your Help
Team Flash struggles to find to find Izzy so Ralph comes up with the most basic idea possible – to check her website – where they learn she’s at a recording studio. This time the Flash, Elongated Man and, Vibe try to convince Izzy to come with them. DeVoe [also] arrives to claim Izzy and uses Kilgore’s power to make Cisco shoot a vibe that clumsily disables the team. Izzy sees the need to defend herself and strikes DeVoe with a sound wave.
She returns with Team Flash back to Star Labs and is briefed about what’s going on. She still refuses to stay and believes the team cant protect her, so Ralph uses his shared bus experience to finally talk Izzy into trusting “these amazing weirdos.”
Izzy’s sound blast seems to have sped up DeVoe’s atrophy. Marlize tries to run a couple diagnostics but DeVoe’s anger won’t let her. He really gets out of pocket with how he talks to her and even insults her [insufficient] work.
Harry returns from Earth 2 and runs into Cecile at Jitters. She pulls Harry aside and tells him that Joe’s thoughts keep her awake at night. He plans to start building something that may help.
Make your Own Sound
Iris gives Izzy her fiddle that’ll serve as a projection sound cannon. She tests it out by performing a rift that sends a sound wave at Ralph – the combination of audio and visual effects makes this an effective scene. After the initial trial, Izzy future attempts to hit Ralph as a stationary target fails. Barry feels they need to increase the challenge, so he throws a disc that she instantly smashes. He ramps it up a bit and makes a speed whirlwind of targets that she repeatedly breaks, but a piece of disc shrapnel pierces her arm. Caitlin doctor’s Izzy arm. Izzy feels that she is better off alone. Once again, Ralph tries to stop her.. When he blocks her path, she blows a wave into his chest that pushed him into a wall and renders him unconscious.
Cecile visits Star Labs to tell Harry his brain dampener doesn’t work because it’s bulky and uncomfortable. Harry snaps about her assumed lack of appreciation, so Cecile returns the favor by telling him he acts like an over-sized adolescent. Nevertheless, after a rough conversation, Harry tweaks the mental dampener to a more suitable size. He apologizes and tells Cecille he is overwhelmed with stress, which has made it hard to become her friend. She invites Harry in for a talk and her initial question motivates Harry to see that he can reverse the structure of the dampener – which would keep brainwaves from going out, not just coming in.
Cerebral Inhibitor
Harry returns to Star Labs to tell team Flash about Cecile’s influence on his Mental Activity Dampener. After joking that the name sucks, Harry reveals that the recreated version will be called the “Cerebral Inhibitor” – which causes Barry to instantly flash back to his conversation where Savitar confirms the device is what helped defeat DeVoe. Ralph arrives and tells the team about Izzy’s departure and how Barry essentially pushed her right out the door. Cisco vibes her fiddle case to determine her location and sees that she is about to have a showdown with DeVoe – foolish gal, SMH.
Izzy prepares to strike, but DeVoe uses Lady’s Luck ability to make the strings inconveniently unravel. Barry arrives and whooshes her to safety, then turns to attack DeVoe but fails. While DeVoe is occupied with Barry, Ralph extends and attempts to place the inhibitor on DeVoe’s head, but he slaps it down and throws a dumpster at him. Izzy attaches the inhibitor to his head, which gives team Flash a brief look at his cognitive abilities before he hacks it with Kilgore’s ability. Afterwards, he locks Izzy in an invisible Barrier and uses his floating throne to siphon her powers and transfer identities.
It’s apparent that seeing this transition bothers Ralph in extensive ways; the same powerlessness Barry told Iris about (earlier in the episode) when you helplessly watch DeVoe siphon someone’s life. Harry feels this is the result of him being too stupid to have made the inhibitor work. Yet, his device didn’t completely fail because the inhibitor captured DeVoe’s ability to move into “pocket dimension.”
Although DeVoe still seemingly has control, Team Flash seems to be closing the gap. They have the tool they “know” will defeat DeVoe and DeVoe’s overconfidence and blatant disrespect seems to be alienating his wife. Yet, it’s also clear DeVoe has no regard for human life and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal – whatever that is. Nevertheless, be sure to tune in next Tuesday at 8 to Atlanta’s CW for the newest developments.