“Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder” or Thunder & LightningBy Marc Watkins

Our show begins with the police gearing up to take down Black Lightning who was seen in an alley after his losing battle against Tobias Whale’s right hand man Joey Toledo.  During the battle, Jefferson suffered headaches due to a malfunction in his suit that also adversely affected his powers. As he was going in and out of consciousness, Gambi shows up a hair before the cops and whisks him to safety.

Meanwhile, nursing his own wounds, Joey Toledo shows up at his boss Tobias’ luxury penthouse to inform him of the recent events. When Tobias learns that Joey had Black Lightning on the ropes but didn’t finish him, he’s slightly miffed as he lifts his underling in the air with one hand while sipping his drink with the other. He lets it be known that BL has to die that night.

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In the Power Station (Gambi’s secret hideout that acts as Jefferson’s de facto HQ) Jefferson gets stitched up by his ex-wife Lynn, who is a doctor. She is upset that she finds herself in a position to have to treat Jefferson’s wounds which was the cause of the demise of their marriage during his first stint as Black Lightning. He lets her know that Tobias is still in the city and he plans on taking him down as revenge for killing Jefferson’s father years ago when he himself was but a small boy (despite his youthful looks Tobias –thanks to some unknown anti-aging serum – is significantly older than he appears).

Speaking of “taking down”; the next day, the Pierce’s oldest daughter Anissa is on her college campus where she’s a medical student and along with several members of the student body, they take water guns filled with paint and deface a statue of a confederate general on campus so that it will be taken down. Campus security soon arrives and once again Nissa finds herself in custody as she did during the first episode while also protesting injustice. As in episode one, Nissa is bailed out of jail by her father with her high school aged sister Jennifer in tow.

Jennifer is dealing with her own issues; she previously had a run-in with another teenaged girl who has now taken to social media posting disparaging remarks about Jenn. To top it off, Jennifer’s boyfriend Khalil commented on the post but not in support of her, but agreeing with the mean girl’s comment. The two young lovebirds are at an impasse in their relationship due to the anger, hurt and frustration Khalil is dealing with after being shot at a rally he attended with Jennifer that caused him to be permanently paralyzed. She talks the situation over with Jefferson who counsels give Khalil some space so that he can come to terms with what he’s dealing with, but instead Jennifer seeks him out. During their meeting she determines to end their relationship because he is so (understandably) angry.

Jefferson gets a check-up by Gambi to makes sure that his powers are functioning the way they’re supposed to. During their meeting, Jefferson expresses his desire to kill Tobias for murdering his father years before, but Gambi tries to convince him to take a different tact. When Gambi feels that’s not going to work, he makes his way to Lynn’s office and is waiting on her when she arrives. He explains to her Jefferson’s plans but she wants no parts of it. Lynn lets Gambi know that “Black Lightning” is his creation and that he’s going to have to deal with it without her.

Jefferson, meanwhile, is mulling over how to find Tobias now that he’s aware he’s still in the city. He comes up with idea to research Tobias’ condition of albinism and finds a local doctor who specialises in treating afflictions unique to those with that disease. Jefferson pays the doctor a late night visit and he confirms that he does in fact treat Tobias although he doesn’t know his name. The doctor is afraid that if he betrays Tobias, his family will be in jeopardy and doesn’t want to cooperate. Black Lightning leaves him with a phone to contact him in case the doctor changes his mind.

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Back on Nissa’s campus, there’s a late night vigil in front of the confederate statue after another student was killed by white supremacist who want to keep the statue up. Nissa shows up in her super hero costume and as she stands amidst the silent grief of other students, she uses a super stomp that disintegrates the statue and sends those near her flying. Realising what she’s done, Nissa runs off and sits in her car crying. She then calls her mom and lets her know she needs to see her.

Earlier, Nissa left her mom research notes and a sample of a substance that belonged to her grandfather that was killed by Tobias. She wanted her mother to use her scientific skills to determine what the items were. Lynn inquired what was going on with Nissa who wasn’t ready to tell her that she had super abilities. That’s now changed.

Jefferson received a call from the doctor letting him know that Tobias will be on his way so Black Lightning arrives beforehand with the intent on putting him down permanently. Gambi monitors Black Lightning’s suit and can see what he sees. He notices where BL is and deduces he’s about to kill Tobias. Gambi tries to talk to Jefferson who then disconnects his comms. Gambi next calls Lynn and begs her for her help to prevent Jefferson from killing Tobias, then patches her in so that she can talk to him directly. As Jefferson stands over the building where Tobias has just arrived, he gathers his power to take him out. While Lynn is talking she hears a crash and tells Jefferson that someone is breaking in. Jefferson forgoes his revenge and rushes off to save his ex.

When Nissa arrives at her mom’s building she sees a guard unconscious in the lobby. She makes her way to her mom’s office where Lynn is bound and gagged while 2 henchmen rummage through files. Nissa, still in her superhero costume confronts the men and a battle ensues. We learn that along with having super strength, Nissa is also bullet proof as one of the thugs empties several rounds at her but she just shrugs them off. Nissa makes relative quick work of the two and they barely escape.

Lynn immediately recognizes her daughter. As Nissa goes to untie her mother, Black Lightning arrives and sees her bound and an unknown, masked person apparently tying her up. He goes OFF and Black Lightning and Thunder go at it. Nissa is able to hold her own against her dad, but he finally puts her down and knocks her out. When he turns her over he realises who she is. The Pierces grab their daughter and take her home. As she comes to, Nissa sees her dad in his Black Lightning costume.

As the show ends, we see Gambi talking to Lady E, Tobias’ boss. We learn that the two have history together and that there was a deal that the Pierce family was not to be touched. It was Lady E who sent the thugs to Lynn’s, but they weren’t to harm her, just gain her files on the research she’s been doing that will uncover a secret Lady E and her cronies don’t want discovered.

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