“The Curse of The Earth Totem” or Black Beard!By Marc Watkins

Our show begins in the Bahamas in 1717 when we see the pirate Black Beard, a couple of crewmen and his lady love preparing to bury some ill-gotten booty. While the crewmen do the heavy lifting, Black Beard gives his lady pirate an emerald necklace. No sooner does he place it on her neck when vines sprout from the ground and encircle her.

Cut to the “present” and we see our heroes on their Wave Rider trying to locate the several different totems in a race against Damian Darhk & his daughter Nora to acquire them all. If the bad guys win, they can use the power of all 6 totems to cause world-wide havoc.  The Legends have the animal totem while Damian has the Air & Spirit totems and Amaya’s granddaughter has the water totem. While Sara goes on a date with Ava from the Time Bureau, Nate figures out where the fire totem is and he convinces his teammates to go in search of it in present day Detroit. Their trip was short-lived and unfruitful.

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The earth totem, however, is another matter. Ray was able to figure out that it was in the clutches of Black Beard in 1717 so off they go to retrieve it. When they arrive in the past dressed as pirates they set about trying to find Black Beard in a seedy pirate port.

In the “present”, Rip Hunter tracked Wally West, aka “Kid Flash”, down in a province of China having left “Team Flash” in an effort to find himself after a breakup with his girlfriend. Rip is trying to convince Wally to go on adventures with him but no such luck. Since that plan failed, Rip decides to put Wally’s powers to use by having him steal a Time Currier from Gary of the Time Bureau, a device that lets the bearer traverse time.

In 1717 Mick, Nate & Ray hyped up Amaya before a crowd of other pirates as Captain Jiwe of her own ship; they told tall tales of her exploits with the hope it would garner the attention of Black Beard which worked and he soon arrived. Once they made contact with Black Beard, Nate & Ray went back to the ship leaving Mick & Amaya to deal with the legendary pirate.

Speaking of the Wave Rider, things are not going so well. Turns out that they inadvertently parked in the Bermuda Triangle and all sorts of hinky things started going wrong with the ship. Back on land as Mick & “Catain Jiwe” schmooze with Black Beard, Damian Dark shows up with a Cadre of British soldiers who have been hunting the brigand. Damian immediately steals Amaya’s animal totem and requests from Black Beard the location of the earth totem. Despite his fierce reputation, BB was very accommodating to Damian and even drew a map as to where the totem was buried.

After Damian got what he needed, he left Black Beard, Amaya & Mick in the hands of the British soldiers while he directed a cannonball volley at the cloaked Wave Rider. With the ship under fire and acting strange, it’s decided that discretion is the better part of valor and beat a hasty retreat before any significant damage can be done, leaving Mick & Amaya to fend for themselves.

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Again in the present, Sara and Ava are enjoying their night out together in Star City at a lovely restaurant. While the pair make small talk, the A.I. on Sara’s ship, Gideon, calls her to let her know the rest of the Legends are in the past hunting totems. Before Sara & Ava’s meal arrives Ava notices Gary near the front door trying to get her attention, so she excuses herself to see what he wants. He tells her how a speedster stole his Time gizmo. When she asked if anything else was taken, he lets her know that the only thing missing from the Bureau is Rip’s coat. While Ava is with Gary, Sara notices the Wave Rider crash outside so without a word to her date, she just leaves to find out the problem.

Amaya, Mick & Black Beard are having their own issues; they’re about to be executed by the British but before things get too out of hand, Mick & Amaya take on the soldiers and free themselves while Black Beard was generally useless. The trio then recruit a crew to helm a ship so they can make it to the island where Black Beard buried his treasure. Black Beard also drops a bit of knowledge on his new companion and tells them the totem is cursed. When it took over his lady-love, he shot her in the head and beat a hasty retreat.

The trio make it to the island and confront Damian and Nora just as they’ve unearthed the earth totem which is still around the neck of what should have been the corpse of Black Beard’s lady love. Unfortunately for those around, the necklace reanimated her and she sets off destroying pirates left and right. On the Wave Rider, Ava shows up to confront Sara on their broken date. The pair argue which gives Nate the opportunity to steal her Time Currier. He & Ray use it to make their way to the side of Amaya & Mick on the island as their teammate face off against the zombie. The zombie is defeated and Nora then tries to kill Amaya

Ray uses a special gun he brought with him and shoots Nora in the back with distracts Damian and allows them to get the earth totem and make their way back to their ship. Black Beard had already made his retreat with several other pirates and they stumble across the Time Currier doorway Ray & Nate used to make their way to the past and had left open.  The pirates go through it and Black Beard claims the wave rider as his own just as Ava & Sara share an intimate embrace. The two then take on Black Beards pirates as he stands safely some distance away. Sara & Ava quickly dispatch the pirates and Black Beard gives up because he’s not as big and bad as the legends would have us believe.

Safely on the ship, Ray talks to Mick about what he did to Nora and his conscious gets the best of him. He then, unknown to the rest of the crew, goes back to the island and makes Damian a deal; he’ll save Nora’s life in exchange for Amaya’s animal totem. Damian doesn’t think twice and gives it up, and Ray being a man of his word, gives Nora the antidote. No sooner than he does, Nora uses her magical powers to suck his life energy but she’s stopped by Damian before any permanent damage can be done. Alone, Ray is now in the clutches of their most deadly enemy.

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