The encouragement to live life in the moment and embrace who we are with all of our individual bumps and bruises is at the forefront of Jonathan Larson’s creation: RENT.

Following a group of seemingly misfit friends trying to make a living in the world of art/expressionism in a reality that seems to be constantly against them, RENT gives us a look into how harsh or miraculous reality can be for us all. You watch this show and see characters going through very real and visceral problems and concerns. It takes serious topics and brings them down to our level so that we can even empathize with some of these stories as they are unfolded on stage.

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Aaron Alcaraz, RENT 20th Anniversary Tour, Credit: Carol Rosegg, 2017

I’ve never seen RENT onstage before (I know, I know…who am I?), and I am completely ecstatic to have seen this wondrous production as it barrels through its 20th Anniversary Tour. Jonathan Larson created this piece to help us take a breath and live in the present moment. When I watched the actors performing songs and choreography that have been done since 1996, they weren’t going through the motions. They felt it. They were in the present moment. I spoke with Jasmine Easler (Joanne) who said the energy of the cast was phenomenal on opening night, and you could totally tell! Their voices were strong, but their spirits were even stronger! They brought so much life into these characters, which left all of us in the house yearning for more.

(L to R) Sammy Ferber, Jasmine Easler, RENT 20th Anniversary Tour, Credit: Carol Rosegg, 2017

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If you’re not prepared to laugh, sing along, or cry (which I did…out loud…several times), then don’t come. If you’re open to an experience that will take you back to the core of the present moment, and will do more than entertain you–RENT is definitely for you. Let your expectations be exceeded when you see this production, you’ll be glad you did.

RENT will be here until February 28, 2018, with tickets still being sold here. If you aren’t able to secure tickets online or want to try your chance at luck, you can submit yourself into the ticket lottery the day of the show. $25 Pit/Front Orchestra tickets are available for cash only purchases, and you’re limited to only two tickets. This fantastic tradition began when the show moved to their Broadway home in 1996 after it sold out in a smaller theatre downtown. The lottery will happen for every show during its run here in Atlanta! There’s no day but today, my friends. Get out there and enjoy it!



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