“Here I Go Again” or Groundhog DayBy Marc Watkins

Our show begins with Zari on the Wave Rider alone while the rest of the team is on a mission in the 1970s. Over the objection of the ship’s artificial intelligence Gideon, Zari adds a simulation to the computer in order to locate – and hopefully exploit – time loopholes so that she can attempt to save her brother. Just as she runs the program, the away team returns and Sara knows immediately that something is amiss.

Sara instructs Gideon to perform a task, but “she” goes off-line which leads to the discovery of what Zari was up to. Peeved, Sara orders Zari to fix the ship and the two have a brief back-and-forth heated argument, but she follows her orders. In the engine room, Zari works to get Gideon back online. As she does a bluish liquid splashes on her from a control panel and then out of nowhere, a fireball engulfs the entire room, including Zari and the ship explodes.

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Immediately, Zari is thrust back on the bridge in the middle of the same chewing out Sara gave her mere moments before. Thinking that she’s having Déjà vu, Zari goes to wash her face and then asks her teammates if they noticed anything crazy that just happened. They all say “no”, so Zari heads back to the engine room to try again. As she again works to fix Gideon, the same blue liquid squirts out but this time she avoids it. Just as she does, as before a fireball engulfs the engine room and the ship explodes.

Once again Zari is transported back to the bridge where this time she KNOWS something is really wrong. She tries to get Sara to listen but she doesn’t since she’s still hot under the collar at Zari’s fiddling with the ship. Zari grabs Sara to get her to listen but the captain’s ninja skills kick in and she accidently hurts Zari while trying to get her to let go.

Ray takes Zari to the med bay where he gives her a sedative and BLOOP, she’s back on the bridge after the ship has exploded.  Over an indeterminate period, Zari re-lives the exact same moment where she ends up in the med-bay under sedative. After no telling how long Zari develops immunity to the sleep agent; after yet another injection from Ray, she feigns unconsciousness until he leaves.

When Ray is no longer in sight, Zari leaves the med bay and the first person she runs into is Nate. She quickly tries to explain to him what’s going on and he immediately recognizes this as a time-loop paradox which was the plot from the movie “Groundhog Day”. Nate tells Zari that during the next go’round to find him and say “Groundhog Day” so he can quickly be brought up to speed.

After the ship explodes for the umpteenth time, Zari leaves the bridge and goes off in search of Nate. When she encounters him she reminded him of the words he said to her: “Think hedgehog day”. Of course this is wrong and he figures out what she means. The pair determines that something on board the ship is causing it to explode, so they go about investigating their teammates.

They first follow Mick to see if he’s the cause for the time loop/ship exploding. After several failed attempts, which included a run-in with a bear trap & other booby traps, the only thing they discovered is that Mick writes romantic space novels.

Marking Mick off their list, Ray & Zari next check up on Ray.  The duo spy on Ray in his lab when Sara walks in. The two have a brief conversation, then she heads out.  After determining he wasn’t the cause of the explosion/time loop, Zari & Nate make their presence known and bring Ray up to speed.  They’ve now snooped on all of their teammates with one notable exception: Captain Sara.

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Ray and Zari find out where she is on the ship and skulk along behind her & wind up in the hangar where their jump-ship is stored. In order to see what she’s doing, Ray & Zari shrink down to ant-size and follow Sara in. What they find is her drinking a cup of coffee and talking on the video monitor to Ava Sharpe of the Time Bureau who has an obvious crush on Sara.

It seems that Sara just wanted some time to herself and the ability to vent. Most of the conversation Sara has is about Zari; despite their earlier run-in, Sara tells Ava she respects Zari a lot and that she’s important to the team. Zari, in tiny size, hears this and when she’s talking to Ray about it, Sara swats him like an ant with a rolled up newspaper.

After once again transported to the past and catching Nate up, he can tell she’s at her wits end and convinces Zari to have some fun since there are no consequences. So Zari spends the hour eating whatever she likes, trying on their different costumes and being a general pest to Mick.

When the hour is up, she is again back with Nate but her nerves are frayed. Having lived and died so many times it has an adverse effect on Zari; she thinks that perhaps if she kills herself, the time loop will stop. On the bridge she grabs an ancient gun and tries to commit suicide but there’s no bullet in it. Zari tells Sara what she’s been going through and the captain immediately believes her.

Sara calls the entire crew together to try to locate the bomb. What they find is Gary, from the time bureau, in a trash compactor. When they pull him out he’s holding a device which Mick thinks is the bomb so he takes it and smashes it on the ground. Turns out that the device was a time-resetter;  Gary learned that the ship was going to explode so he beamed on to try to help the Legends and ended up in the garbage, but he was using his gizmo to give the crew a chance to find and defuse the bomb. With the time-turner broken, when the ship explodes the next time it will be permanent.

With time almost out, Mick has a brilliant suggestion that the bomb was probably in a tape they’d brought back from their most recent mission and it was in fact there with less than 5 minutes left and very limited options, Zari grabs the bomb and seals herself in a room with a force field. As the time ticks down, she expresses her love & admiration for each of her crew mates. When the timer hits zero there’s a loud – nothing. Nothing happens.

We then see the “real” Gideon as the rest of the team disappears. Turns out that Zari’s body is in the med bay healing after being injured while trying to fix the ship. Gideon tells Zari that her mind is in Gideon’s matrix and that the simulation was run over and over again in order to get Zari to stay on the ship which was the only way her brother would ever be able to be saved.

When Zari awakes, her teammates think it was just a dream but she tells them things there’s no way she should be able to know. Zari & Sara finally have a heart-to-heart and the ladies seem to have gained respect for one another. At least this time the Legends have a happy ending.

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