2018 Oscar Nominated Live-Action Shorts

2018 Oscar Nominated Short Films

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One of my favorite events is coming up on Sunday, March 4, 2018, the 90th Academy Awards. That means that it’s also time for the Oscar-nominated short films to come to theatres. The Live-Action Short Films and the Animated Short Films programs will be playing in theatres starting Friday, February 9th.

The live-action shorts are often springboards to feature film careers, and a number of short films have later been turned into full feature films. The animated shorts are a delight to watch and can run the gamut of traditional animation to incredible groundbreaking techniques.

The films are playing exclusively at Landmark Midtown Art


Here are my reviews of the five Oscar Nominated Live-Action Short Films:

The Eleven O’Clock – dir., Derin Seale, Australia, 13 minutes

The Eleven O'Clock

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The only comedy of the five nominated films, this movie will keep you guessing as a psychiatrist treats a delusional patient who thinks he is a psychiatrist. This hilarious film is funny right from the start as the battle of wills begins, with both men trying to take charge and treat the other. Josh Lawson (who also wrote the script), and Damon Herriman hit all the right notes as they duel it out.    My Rating: Full Price

DeKalb Elementary – dir., Reed Van Vyk, USA, 21 minutes

DeKalb Elementary

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Based on a true story, a deranged school shooter takes over the school’s office with an administrator as a hostage. His motive, to kill as many police officers as he can before they can kill him. Tensions build as the administrator tries to calm the man down and reason with him. Beautifully shot, the film lets you get to know a disturbed man and the woman that tries to befriend him, using love and understanding to try to find a solution for the crisis without anyone dying. Shinelle Azoroh is brilliant as the administrator with a huge heart.     My Rating: Full Price

Watu Wote / All of Us – dir., Katja Benrath, Germany, 22 minutes

Watu Wote / All of Us

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Based on a true story, a Christian widow is traveling by bus in Kenya to visit her ailing mom. She is sharing the bus with mostly Muslim passengers, passengers whom she blames for the death of her husband and child. When Muslim terrorists attack the bus, the Muslim passengers risk their lives to attempt to save the Christians. This film builds beautifully as we get to know the passengers on the bus and hear their stories. The tense finale plays out perfectly, making an incredibly touching ending.    My Rating: Full Price

The Silent Child – dir., Chris Overton, UK, 20 minutes

The Silent Child

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A profoundly moving film about a 4-year-old girl who is deaf who lives with her hearing family, a family that doesn’t know how to communicate with her. Into her life comes Joanne, played by Rachel Shenton (who also wrote the script), a social worker who specializes in teaching deaf children how to read lips and do sign language. This film is beautifully shot and touches all the emotions as the child comes to life as she realizes that she can communicate with another person. Shenton is perfect as the caring social worker, and Maisie Sly is incredible as the shy deaf girl. The end of the film hits you hard, probably causing a few tears.    My Rating: I Would Pay to See It Again

My Nephew Emmett – dir., Kevin Wilson Jr., USA, 20 minutes

My Nephew Emmett

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Based on the true story of two racist killers who kidnapped Emmett Till and killed him in 1955. This poignant tale about the 64-year-old Mose Wright who did everything he could to save his 14-year-old nephew from death. The tension builds throughout the film as the inevitable ending that we know is coming. Excellent performances by Jasmine Guy as Mose’s wife and L.B. Williams as Moses make this film a powerful and touching film.    My Rating: Full Price

My movie rating system from Best to Worst:  1). I Would Pay to See it Again  2). Full Price  3). Bargain Matinee  4). Cable  5). You Would Have to Pay Me to See it Again

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