By Taylor Gibson

Bidding War

Warden Wolfe invites Amunet to his discrete, Iron Heights metahuman prison wing. He briefly introduces her to all the metahumans [thus far] this season before introducing her to the Scarlet Speedster. At a whims decision, she decides she wants to purchase them all.

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Ralph returns to his private investigation office and finds a man named Earl sleeping on his couch. Earl offers Ralph a sheisty case, but he declines since he has turned over a new leaf. Earl tells Ralph he’s bound to screw up, so the deal will still be on the table once he does.

Wolfe in Sheep’s Clothing

Cecile and Iris head to Iron Heights to visit Barry. Wolfe appears and tells them they can’t visit Barry because he got in a fight and is in isolation for a week. As he continues to deliver lies, Cecile reads his mind and learns about his trafficking deal with Amunet.

The team starts theorizing how to free Barry before he’s sold. Harry left to visit Jesse on Earth 2, so he won’t be of any help. Ralph arrives ranting about Earl and morphs into his likeness. Iris then comes up with the idea of having him impersonate Wolfe to call off the deal with Amunet. Initially, Ralph struggles to morph into Wolfe, so Cisco and Caitlin give him brief tutelage on how to further tap into his power, which results in him recreating Wolfe’s likeness. Unfortunately, he collapses and the two tutors determine that he needs to improve his motor functions after recreating someone.

Under Joe’s direction, Ralph heads to Amunet’s bar. Amunet’s point man approaches and tells Ralph-Wolfe that he won’t be able to see her, but the impersonated Wolfe flexes up and demands an impromptu meeting. Ralph starts losing his composure but ultimately secures the meeting and tells Amunet the deal has to be delayed. He almost completes the objective but morphs back into Ralph and has to escape.

Prison Break

Barry tells the others metas how they will be sold, which none of them like so they want to break out. Wolfe and Amunet’s deal seems to have disrupted the Thinker’s plan, and at the moment he doesn’t have an answer. He then comes to the conclusion they won’t have to do anything because Barry will do it for them – as Barry prepares to clog his toilet. While a maintenance man fixes the issue, Barry stealthily snatches 2 batteries from his tool belt. Barry then takes a coil from under his bed and uses the batteries to create an acidic solution that frees himself and the other metas. Afterwards, he uncovers an underground tunnel, but as the metahumans make way towards freedom they encounter the maintenance man, so they knock him out and keep it pushing.

Not! According to Plan

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Marlize makes an alteration to DeVoe’s chair. Afterwards, he reads her mind and hears the melody of the song that was playing at their first date. After a brief stroll down memory lane, he projects that she’s using the melody to block him from reading her thoughts.

Since Team Flash’s original plan failed, Iris tells Cisco, Caitlin and Ralph they must to go to Iron Heights and stop the deal. Ralph punks out, so Caitlin tries recruiting Ralph’s efforts. She gleans he needs more aggressive requesting, so she unleashes Killer Frost by cutting her hand. Killer Frost hems Ralph up by his collar and gets to the bottom of his self-doubt of disappointing friends. She finishes by saying something that gives Ralph and idea on how to fix his snafu from earlier.

Freedom Awaits

Barry leads the metahumans to [what appears to be] the final door blocking them from accessing their powers.  While Kilgore hacks the keypad, Lady Luck and Barry engage in a conversation about their good qualities. Once outside, the metahumans test their returning powers, but Wolfe shoots Barry with a power dampening cuff, which reveals Barry as the Flash and causes the others to turn on him.  Lady Luck steps to his defense and continues defending during Amunet’s surprise attack. DeVoe comes floating in on his throne and siphons the powers from the fallen metahumans. Ultimately, he transfers himself into Lady Luck and kills the warden – going off the look on her face, this greatly surprises/disappoints Marlize. Cisco and Killer frost breach in to rescue Barry, but he tells them he won’t leave unless they get him out legally.

Barry’s appeal hearing looks completely fail-bound because Cecile has no new information or evidence to present.  Seconds before the judge seals Barry’s fate, the courtroom doors swing open and Clifford DeVoe (the original college professor version) comes rolling in. Of course, its Ralph impersonating DeVoe, yet Ralph personifies DeVoe well enough to get Barry out of jail immediately.

You Call that a Success?

Team Flash welcomes Barry with a celebration at Joe’s house. Moments of good cheer are short lived once reality sets in about DeVoe’s ability, so Barry tells them about how he can absorb the powers of metahumans. This leads to him determining that DeVoe only wants powers from the “bus metas” moments before Ralph (who is a bus meta) walks in.

DeVoe, sporting Lady Luck’s likeness, approaches Marlize to celebrate the previous night’s success. Marlize wouldn’t quite call it a success because DeVoe is deviating from the plan AND killed Warden Wolfe.  DeVoe tries to pry into Marlize’s thoughts, but she uses the melody to block him from intruding. While her back is turned DeVoe spikes her drink with the Weeper’s love tears to unsuspectingly lower her defenses.

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Although DeVoe is supposed to be all-knowing and have this unflappable plan, he is starting to seem overconfident. Several times [this episode] he did things that deviated from his original plan. Will his failed execution help Team Flash take him down? Find out after a brief intermission when The Flash returns on February 27th on Atlanta’s CW.