“All For Nothing” or Goodbye Vinny

Our show opens with Mayor Queen and members of his staff waiting by the water front at night. Suddenly, a diver emerges from the murky waters. He’s a member of A.R.G.U.S. special forces come to help Starling City extricate themselves from the clutches of Cayden James who has had the city on lockdown as punishment of Oliver for allegedly killing Cayden’s son as the masked vigilante The Arrow/Green Arrow. The soldier begins talking on his coms but as he does, an electrical shock is emitted through his communications device killing him. As Mayor Queen looks on helplessly, the rest of the special forces team is similarly killed with just images of the electrical shocks visible.

Another member of Mayor Queen’s administration Officer Dinah Drake – who’s secretly the Black Canary – meets with her former lover and partner Vincent Sobel, the masked vigilante, Vigilante. Vince, in his masked identity, is part of Cayden’s cabal, allegedly undercover. Vince tells Dinah that he had no clue the soldiers would be killed or the location of the thermobaric bomb Cayden is using to blackmail the city.

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Speaking of Cayden, he calls a meeting of his inner circle of baddies including Vince, the leader of the Russian gang Bratva & Oliver’s former mentor Anatoly Knyazev, and drug kingpin Ricardo “Dragon” Diaz. The only one missing is the Laurel Lance doppelganger from another earth, who goes by the name of Black Siren. During the meeting, Cayden expresses his concern about there being a traitor in their midst although he doesn’t call any names.

At the Team Arrow headquarters Felicity’s computers alert her of Vincent – whose signal is normally masked – being out in the city. Oliver and Diggle suit up and follow Vince’s signal which leads them to a darkened alley. Oliver confronts Vince wanting information on Cayden and his plans which Vince doesn’t divulge. Right before Oliver can put an arrow in him, Curtis (Mr. Terrific) &

Again at Team Arrow HQ, the combined teams (Dinah, Curtis & Rene have gone out on their own) formulate a plan to deal with Cayden. Oliver still doesn’t trust Vince and tells him as such but Vince has agree to place himself in harm’s way by downloading information from Cayden’s computers and transmitting them to Team Arrow. A very dangerous undercover assignment.

Vince returns to Cayden’s HQ, and gains access – with help from Felicity on comms – to the computer server room and inserts a drive to download the computer’s contents. As he does, Cayden shows up and catches him. Being an experienced undercover agent, Vince is able to talk his way out of suspicion with a brief assist from Felicity.

Seemingly satisfied, Cayden leaves with Vince right behind him after grabbing the thumb drive. Vince goes outside and transmits the information to Team Arrow hq. When he goes back inside, Vincent is approached by one of Cayden’s underlings who tells Vince that Cayden wants a meeting. Now. Instead of going with the foot-soldier, Vince knocks him out then attempts to make his escape.

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Just when he reaches his car, Vincent is confronted by Cayden and gives him a nonsensical story of his girlfriend being in the hospital who he needs to go see. While Vince’s back is turned, Anatoly sneaks up behind him and renders him unconscious.

Elsewhere in the city Deputy Mayor Quentin Lance, father to Laurel & Sara of “Legends of Tomorrow”, is being followed by the Faux Laurel. Quentin feels a sense of connection to this Laurel since his real daughter was killed at the hands of Damian Darhk. Quentin leads Faux Laurel to an abandoned apartment where he plays videos of his actual daughter being a hero. His hope is to convince Faux Laurel to turn from the darkside and be heroic like his real child had been. The situation is too much for her to handle so she leaves but not before she uses her powers to destroy the video equipment.

Back at Cayden’s HQ Vince is being tortured by Anatoly. Although, none of the scars inflicted on Vince are long-lasting due to his fact-acting healing powers he still feels pain. At The Quiver, Team Arrow can hear Vince being tortured and Dinah wants to rush off to save him. Oliver, on the other hand, is more concerned with trying to find Cayden’s bomb which they now feel they can do thanks to the information Vince provided. It was decided to split into teams; one to try to find the bomb, the other to rescue Vince.

While the teams mount their joint missions, Vince is able to free himself and knock out a guard right as Dinah finds him. Elsewhere, Oliver enters a room where several civilians are being held hostage and wired to bombs. Diggle tells Oliver to keep searching for the bomb while he deals with the hostages. Speaking of bombs, the Arrow comes upon several trucks, all identical, all heading in separate directions from the warehouse but only one of which presumably carries the bomb. Oliver picks one to take down but he unfortunately picks wrong.

Back inside an explosion sends Dinah and Vince flying, trapping her under some rubble. Vince goes to free her just as Cayden and Faux Laurel walk in. Black Siren gives Vince a blast of her sonic scream knocking him against a wall where he’s impaled on a piece of exposed rebar. Knowing that Vince’s healing factor is an impediment to a quick death and being on somewhat of a clock, Cayden has Black Siren release the full force of her power against Vince’s skull. And it does the trick – Vince is killed right in front of Dinah.

The teams regroup, rescue Dinah and leave. At her home, Dinah is in mourning when Oliver shows up, the last person she wants to see. She tells him that she won’t rest until Cayden and Faux Laurel are killed.

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Will she have the opportunity to kill those who killed her lover? Tune in next Thursday at 9:00 to find out. And be sure to follow @ATLCW & @ATLBlerd on Twitter to live tweet the show.