It’s almost Valentine’s Day… which means the delivery of a heart shaped box of chocolate from my mom is only days away! What can I say… she’s the sweetest and remembers my first word as a kid, “choci” aka chocolate. 🙂

Aside from partying in chocolate town all month long, I celebrate February with pretty V-day hues by splashing in pink, red or purple in my wardrobe.

Of course, I’m sharing my faves with you so you can feel lovey dovey with each outfit too. Whether it be a flirty skirt or sweet sidekick, I’m sure your heart will swoon for one of the following below:


Be Mine.


Pick a random Wednesday this month and dress up in a tiered frilly full-length dress. This blush + frills are super romantic. You’ll bring smiles to everyone you pass. 🙂


Lucky Charm Chic.



Hot for Pink.



Sweet Stripes.



X O X O.


Cozy Cute.



Pretty Purple.



Doting Polka Dots.


Which V-Day hue makes your heart skip?

May you have a February filled with love and lots of sweets (where my chocolate lova’s at)!


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