“Lawanda: The Book of Burial” or Black Jesus

Our show begins with the funeral for Lawanda, a mother who was killed last episode while confronting the street gang The 100’s leader, Lala after they turned her daughter to prostitution. During the eulogy, the preacher, Reverend Jeremiah Holt, told the community that they needed to stand together and resist The 100. He asked for volunteers to participate in a march against the gang destroying their community.

After the ceremony, Jefferson & police detective Henderson talked to the Rev. Holt about his plans to hold his rally; they did not think it was a good idea because it would ultimately lead to more violence. Holt and Henderson got in to a brief argument due to Henderson’s feelings that he and other officers weren’t being given enough credit for being on the front lines against crime while Holt sits safely in his church, wearing $25,000 watches, wiping his brow with silk handkerchiefs.

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When Jefferson and Holt were alone, the reverend told him that he was an inspiration to the community for coming back and trying to help those in need. And Black Lightning was an inspiration to those afraid of criminals. Missing from the service was Anissa who was in a junkyard trying to get a hold to her burgeoning powers.

After the service, Jefferson goes to see his tech support Gambi who made some adjustments to the Black Lightning suit. The changes allowed BL to throw more focused/concentrated lightning bolts. After some practice in the basement of Gambi’s tailor shop, Jefferson seemed to get the hang of it.

Elsewhere Jefferson’s nemesis Tobias Whale met with his previously undisclosed ally Miss Eve played by R&B singer Jill Scott. The two hoodlums discussed ways to disrupt Black Lightning’s positive influence on the community because it affected their nefarious business dealings. Lady Eve learned of reverend Holt’s planned march and convinced Tobias he needed to put a stop to it.

At the Pierce residence, youngest daughter Jennifer sits outside her bedroom window on the roof with her boyfriend Khalil. The two high schoolers discussed their plans to get together and lose their virginity with one another. Meanwhile older daughter Anissa was at a bookstore reading up on genetics to try to gain an understanding in to her new powers. As she did, she began flirting with a clerk despite already having a girlfriend. The clerk invited Nissa to a cos-play party which she readily accepted.

Later as Jefferson and his estranged wife Lynn prepare dinner, Jennifer comes downstairs and tells her parents that she feels she’s ready to have sex, just what any father wants to hear his teenaged daughter say. Over an awkward dinner, they discuss Jennifer’s plans like adults and brings to light conversations parents really need to be having with their kids.

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While that family dynamic was playing out, Anissa was at the cos-play party with her new friend. Somehow her girlfriend finds out and shows up while Anissa was in mid-dance, laughing and generally having a good time. Of course the girlfriend was upset and storms off. Later on we learn that Anissa is now a free woman as her girlfriend broke up with her.

The next day Jefferson runs in to Jennifer’s boyfriend Khalil who is shocked to learn that Jen has spilled the beans to her dad about their plans. As any concerned father would, Jefferson grills Khalil by asking about his hygiene habits. Jefferson tells the poor boy that Khalil better not give his daughter athletes foot where she shouldn’t have athletes foot and basically scares the begeesus out of him.

Meanwhile, Tobias recruits one of his underlings to attack the march planned by reverend Holt. And as is his M.O. Tobias stabs the guy in the hand to get his point across of how important it is that he successfully pulls off the assassination.

Prior to the march Gambi & Jefferson discuss tactics on how to prevent any bloodshed if – WHEN – the march would be attacked. On the day of, dozens of citizens, led by reverend Holt, marched down the streets chanting “Freedom” while unbeknownst to those on the street, Black Lighting watched over them from above on the rooftops. As he scanned the crowd, BL sees Tobias’ goon about to make his move so he drops down to the street and uses his power to stop the goons.

Overcome with gratitude Reverend Holt and his congregants begin to sing a church hymn in Black Lightning’s honor. A distance away, an upset Tobias looks on as he sits in a car. He then instructs his henchwoman to take out BL which she attempts to do with a high powered rifle. Instead of hitting Black Lightning, however, Reverend Holt was shot; and he wasn’t the only one. The bullet passed through him and hit Khalil in the chest.

At the hospital everyone is waiting around worried about reverend Holt & Khalil.  The good reverend will make a full recovery but Khalil was not so lucky as he will be paralyzed for life. And that’s how our show ends.

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