“Where is Cayden James?”

Our show opens up with Team Arrow in turmoil. Mayor Oliver Queen is currently under federal indictment due to his actions as the masked vigilante, Green Arrow. The team learns that there’s a secret witness against him who turns out to be a member of Ollie’s inner circle, Rene Ramirez, aka Mad Dog. This has caused a schism in the team because before Rene outted himself, Ollie, Felicity & Diggle decided to place the other members Dinah (Canary), Curtis (Mr. Terrific) & Renee under surveillance. When they found out about it, they were none too pleased.

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This fracture comes at a bad time because still on the loose is their nemesis, evil genius extraordinaire Cayden James. Cayden has now turned his sights on the docks in the city to add to his burgeoning criminal empire. One problem though: they’re currently being run by Mafioso named Bertinelli. Cayden gives the goodfellow 48 hours to turn the docks over to him or things were liable to get messy.

Although the team is officially broken up, Curtis is still trying to help Diggle overcome a past injury that causes tremors in his shooting hand by perfecting the chip he created that allows Felicity to walk after she was injured. Unfortunately, the test didn’t go so well so Curtis has to go back to the drawing board. As he’s putting his tech up, the trio hear some noise but pay it no mind.

Since the breakup of the team, Dinah has focused more on her duties as a police officer; at the station several wanted felons have mysteriously turned themselves in. Turns out that they were “urged” to do so at the behest of her old lover & police partner Vincent who’s secretly the masked vigilante, Vigilante.  Dinah & Vince have taken to spending time together in order to try to rekindle that loving feeling they once had.

Elsewhere, Bertinelli realizes he can’t face Cayden on his own so he sets off an alarm in a building in order to have a face-to-face meeting with the Green Arrow. He suggests that the two partner up against Cayden; the enemy of my enemy is my friend sort of thing. As a sign of good faith, Cayden gives Green Arrow some security footage so he can use it to try to find Cayden who’s gone underground.

The architect of the upheaval in the team, Rene, is now focusing his life on his daughter since he was fired from the Mayor’s office as Quentin Lance’s deputy and is no longer welcome as part of Team Arrow. He has, however, maintained close ties with Curtis who happens to stop by his home. Rene realizes he’s messed up and asks Curtis to hack in to police records and delete any evidence they have against him which is being used to compel his testimony against Oliver Queen. Curtis tells him he’ll think about it.

The video Bertinelli gave up yielded fruit and Felicity was able to track down where Cayden was hold up. Ollie, alone, pops in to Cayden’s hideout and proceeds to take out Black Siren, random henchmen that were present and purloined T-Spheres Cayden stole from Curtis. Before Ollie can do any real damage, though, in walks the rest of Cayden’s Cabal which includes the Vigilante, his old Russian mafia friends the Bratva and drug dealer Ricardo Diaz. Being seriously outmanned, like 100-1, Ollie beats a hasty retreat.

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Back at The Quiver, Felicity and Diggle realize that their HQ was bugged back when Black Siren broke in. They thought she was there to take something, not plant a bug. Felicity & John then meet with their estranged teammates to try to patch things up, but it doesn’t go so well, especially for Dinah when she learns that she was being played by her ex-lover Vincent all along. Dinah goes to confront Vincent and plans to take him in to custody, but he knocks her out and makes his escape.

Meanwhile Oliver has decided to work with Bertinelli and tells him what he needs him to do. He then goes back to The Quiver with Diggle & Felicity and, knowing they’re being spied on, drops a clue where Bertinelli will be with his own army to take on Cayden. The trap is set.

Back at Rene’s apartment, he, Curtis & Dinah piece together that it was Cayden who leaked intel to the FBI that tied Rene in with the vigilante Green Arrow. It was all part of Cayden’s plan to undermine Oliver/Green Arrow.

At the designated ambush spot, Bertinelli shows up with his army as does Cayden’s crew and a battle royale ensues. Oliver swings in from the rafters and is taking out henchmen left and right until he goes up one on one with Vigilante and is pinned. When it looks like things aren’t going so well Bertinelli tries to escape before he’s stopped by Cayden who gives him an ultimatum: Kill the Green Arrow himself or die. Not much of a choice when you think about it. But before Bertinelli can shoot the Arrow, Ollie sets off some explosions he had hidden and makes his escape leaving Cayden & his crew alone with Bertinelli.

With his forces decimated, Bertinelli let’s Cayden know he can have the docks – as if it weren’t a forgone conclusion. What Bertinelli DIDN’T count on, however, was Cayden being miffed at being betrayed and is promptly shot in the head.

As the show ends, the Team Arrow meets back up and Ollie apologizes to all of them about what he did in having them surveilled; he realizes it was a breach of trust and wants to put the band back together. Rene & Dinah aren’t so quick to forgive and lets Ollie and HIS crew know that they were going to form their own crime-fighting team. Oliver wishes them luck and sends them on their way.

Now, the city will have TWO crime fighting vigilante squads. Curtis repurposes the hactivist group Helix’s old HQ for their new base of operations and they prepare to protect the city.

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How will this work out? Will the two teams meet up in the field? Be sure to tune in next Thursday at 9:00 for an all new Arrow. And be sure to follow @ATLCW & @ATLBlerd on Twitter to live tweet the show.