Innocent Man

CCPD books Barry into jail, so he begins the episode with a monologue (which serves as his personal statement) about how although evidence stacks against him, he didn’t kill Clifford Devoe. Moments later Barry returns to Star Labs and we instantly start wondering how that’s possible but we quickly learn he’s been released on house arrest. Cisco hacked the ankle monitor’s GPS to show that Barry is either at Joe’s house or the courthouse. Nevertheless, they try to piece together DeVoe’s plan, yet Barry explains that he won’t run if convicted.

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The Trial Begins

Trial affairs begin with the prosecuting attorney unleashes some rhetoric attempting to sway the jury that Barry used his knowledge obtained from CSI to kill DeVoe. Prosecution proceeds to introduce the restraining order DeVoe filed against Barry after breaking into their house, progresses to detail how Barry’s DNA was under DeVoe’s fingernails and culminates by identifying the murder weapon as a wedding gift. Joe’s phone pings a metahuman alert, so he and Cisco head to the bank to investigate. Not much information is gleaner other than Joe learning Captain Singh has been called to testify against Barry.

Cecile, who [thankfully] represents Barry, cross-examines the captain, and effectively shines light on Barry as “one of the good ones.” The moment is short lived as the prosecution aggressively questions Captain Singh of Barry’s absences and swings tides back in their favor.

Barry and iris meet with Cecile in their chambers to create a new game plan. Both of Cecile’s suggestions implicate Barry as guilty, so he declines. Her final suggestion would call for Barry to take the stand – which he also doesn’t want to do because it might require lying. So, Cecile instructs him to reveal his truth of being the Flash to add credibility and sway the jury.


As the trial carries on, a guy enters a bank to open a savings account. His face flashes green and the teller faints after their transaction. He isn’t aware, but everybody else he passes on his way out faints as well. Cisco and Harry examine the security footage, although it’s grainy and doesn’t yield much information. Caitlin enters and says the metahuman has radiation like abilities – and is thus named Fallout.

Underhanded Tactics

Joe refuses to let Barry go to jail and understands the trial isn’t going well, so he enlists Ralph’s help as an “underhanded private investigator.” Ralph and Joe stakeout the DeVoe household and snap a picture of [the new] DeVoe [Dominic] kissing his wife.

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DeVoe’s wife takes the stand tearfully stating that Barry consistently harassed them. While on the stand, Joe and Ralph arrive with the newly obtained evidence of Marlese kissing “Dominic” – which Cecile uses to weaken the credibility of their strong relationship. Marlese’s overly dramatic tears and elaborate explanation holds up well and [once again] puts Barry in a compromising spot. Afterwards, Marlese collects her belongings and scurries out of the courtroom, but Iris quickly pursues for a verbal showdown.

What are you Willing to do?

After their showdown, Iris burst back into the court and blurts out that “Barry Allen is the F—-” Barry springs into action fast enough that time slows around them as they speak. Ultimately he influences her not to reveal his identity as the Flash.

Joe and Ralph head back to the DeVoe household, but this time around Joe’s tactics decrease in moral righteousness as he wants to plant evidence in their household. Ralph uses reverse psychology and talks Joe out of the plan.

At this point, the defense rests by declining to counter and prepare for closing. Unfortunately, Cecile can’t say much other than Barry is honest and Central City deserves to have him. While she speaks all of Team Flash phones go off, including Barry, which causes Barry to ask permission to leave. Legally he has the right to leave.


A moment before this, Fallout gets off of a city bus and causes an entire city street of people to faint. He appears clueless and surprised about his ability and honestly doesn’t want to hurt anybody. By the time Barry arrives, CCPD has failed to have any sort of value in their response because Fallouts radioactive temperature has skyrocketed. He needs cooling so Cisco and Harry yell at Caitlin to get her to transform into Killer Frost and cool him. She fails, so Barry theorizes that creating a vacuum around him could contain a blast. Barry’s whirlwind stabilizes the energy, and gives Cisco time to breach the radioactive energy to a “dead Earth.”

The jury reaches a guilty verdict, but Barry hasn’t yet returned to hear the fateful news. Caitlin gives him meds for his radiation burns seconds before Barry sees the guilty verdict on the news. It’s kinda odd because to have just been proclaimed guilty Barry is surprisingly optimistic/confident. Nevertheless, he returns to the courthouse and in the midst of all the cameras an chaos he sees Dominic slip into a meeting room. At this point, Dominic reveals his ability to read minds but not even that shakes Barry’s confidence.

The judge gives his final thoughts at the same time Captain Singh holds a press conference to detail events that saved the city. Their speeches are complete opposites and create hope that somehow Barry can win in the waning moments. Ultimately, the guilty verdict is upheld and Barry is sentenced to life in prison at Iron Heights without the possibility of parole. Barry is taken to his cell and left to let the reality of his predicament fall around him, yet as he sits on the bed he looks to the side and sees “Henry Allen was here” engraved in the wall.

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It appears that Barry will be sitting in the box for a little while. What threats will arise in Central City in his absence, and will the message his father left have any significance. For answers, be sure to tune in to Atlanta’s CW next Tuesday!