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We go through much of this chapter’s beginning with Veronica and Archie smacking lips endlessly. We promise the smacking has a point–Archie has fallen in love with Veronica. While sprawled out in front of the fireplace, Archie professes his love to Veronica, but she doesn’t reply the same way. Perhaps she’s not ready to hear the “L-word” yet.

The Devil’s House

Jughead and Betty discuss the Riverdale Reaper and the little leads they have, but turns out Betty has an even bigger one. When finding out the address where the Conway murders happened, she realizes that was the same house #TheBlackHood told her to meet him! Archie and Veronica are put in charge of the investigation, because Betty kind of ruined her chances to ask Sheriff Keller for any help. They find a way to get in the house and walk through the entire murder scene. Everything seems to match up, until Archie finds a lockbox filled with Sheriff Howard’s (the Sheriff obsessed with the Conway case) investigation notes. It’s here they find out the Conways were not a family of four, but a family of five!

Yearbook Committee Taking New Members!

But who could that fifth family member be? Veronica and Archie endlessly look through Riverdale High yearbooks, after finding out the fifth family member was adopted by a Northside family and attended the school. After going through each page, they find that the fifth family member was Mr. Svenson! Seeing him in the hallway, Archie calls Mr. Svenson, Joseph Conway, his original name. He begins to run, but Archie and Veronica catch up and confront him. Veronica makes the assumption that he’s #TheBlackHood, but Mr. Svenson explains that he has already found justice. After his family was murdered, he saw the face of the deranged conman and had a group of guys kill him at the hotel the murderer was staying in. Crazy.

FP’s Back…Back Again.

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The Serpents are gearing up for FP to get out of jail, and Jughead wants them to know that he is in talks with Mayor McCoy to make everything better as FP comes out. Remember, Penny made this happen. Never trust a Serpent. Alice goes with Jug and Betty to get FP from jail, and there’s some weird sexual tension happening between them. We come to find out that Mama Cooper was a Serpent back in the day, and she and FP might’ve had a fling. FP grabs a part-time gig at Pop’s and claims he’d never run with the Serpents again. He and Jughead go for a bike ride where Jughead tells FP he did an inside job, and feels loyalty to the Serpents now. Meanwhile, Betty begins to worry more about Jughead now that he’s officially a Serpent and seems to be slipping down the Serpent path. She asks Toni how she can become a “Serpent-adjacent” to keep an eye on him.

Talent Show Gone Wrong?

Jughead and Betty decide to throw a retirement party for FP since he’ll be leaving the Serpents for good. While doing this, Penny calls Jughead and demands he meet her at Pop’s. She continues to say that Jughead must remain loyal to her or she will pull out the best in blackmail–including threatening Betty. But Betty is living her best life with Mama Cooper, as both walk into the retirement party looking fierce! Mama Cooper is in her element and the bartender even remembers her usual. But things start to get a little tense, as Archie and Veronica talk about their relationship and how strained it feels. Archie mentions he only said the “L-word” because that’s how he felt in that moment when they were together in front of the fireplace, and Roni should feel pressured to feel the same. Veronica quickly thanked him for understanding, which offended Archie promptly. He clearly had other plans because he set up their favorite duet from Donnie Darko for them to sing on stage at the party. They begin singing, but Roni runs off stage. But, Betty doesn’t let that microphone get cold. She gets on stage and starts putting on a show (literally). She was told that in order for her to join the Serpents, she was to perform the Serpent dance (a.k.a do a striptease). So, she did. She thought it would impress Jug, but it didn’t. She quickly finished the dance, and FP took the stage. It’s here he shocks everyone by saying he’s staying with the Serpents and wouldn’t be going anywhere. He jumps down and hugs Jughead closely and tells him he knew about his deal with Penny all along. Because of that deal, he would be in the Serpents to take care of her, and Jughead would be out.

Ahh…Puppy Love.

With this, Jughead feels like he’s disappointed the entire world. He starts to spiral out of control and pushes everyone away, including Betty. He says if she were to become affiliated with the Serpents, he wouldn’t be able to protect her. Ultimately, he breaks ties with her. Veronica also does the same with Archie, and tells him that she doesn’t feel the same as he does. This breaks his heart, but he’s just one shirtless shot away from catching Betty in her bedroom window. Could things be going back to old times? Will Archie and Betty get back together?


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