The Flash — “Don’t Run” — Image Number: FLA409b_0307b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Hartley Sawyer as Dibney and Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Hopefully you enjoyed last week’s Arrowverse crossover event. Somehow, after all the chaotic Earth-X Crisis, Barry and Iris managed to sneak in a wedding, which we know [apparently] was apart of the Thinker’s plan. So, let’s see how our newlyweds and resident villain incorporate this new development moving forward.
Killer Frost >>> Caitlin
Christmas cheer spreads through Star Labs, minus Cisco and Harry bickering about tree decorations. Caitlin enters and [this time around] invites Ralph to the festivities planned at Joe’s household. She learns of the fellas’ affinity for Killer Frost’s “baking soda” and begins wondering why it seems they like Killer Frost more than her. Harry trails Caitlin to Jitters and sees a newly introduced drink celebrating Killer Frost. He reassures her that the team doesn’t like Killer Frost more than her because she’s special. Amunet shatters the front door looking for Caitlin. Harry fails to defend her, so Amunet slaps a power dampening bracelet on Caitlin before she can initiate Frost mode.


DeVoe struggles to button his jacket and tells his wife his muscular atrophy is accelerating. Nevertheless, he doesn’t want her to be afraid because he will stand with her to the end of time. Foreshadowing alert: One quote, in particular, resonates when Devoe tells his wife “the words are still mine even if the voice isn’t.”

Barry and Iris open gifts from their wedding. None of the gifts seem all that impressive except for a single knife in an untitled package. After opening gifts, Barry chooses not to speed clean because he feels that he’s turning over a new leaf with Iris – this also serves as the common theme echoed throughout the episode: Don’t Run.

After returning unnecessary gifts, Barry and Iris head back to the apartment. While walking down the street, The Thinker saunters in on his floating throne and knocks Barry into an alley. He loads up a shot for Iris, but Barry whooshes her away just in the nick of time. He then speed-rushes towards the Thinker but is plucked out of midair by extendable claws and taken away.

Iris runs back to Star Labs to tell Team Flash that DeVoe abducted Barry; they return news that Caitlin was also nabbed. Cisco tries to vibe Barry’s location, but the speed prison he’s in blocks the attempt. Barry awakens in an invisible-barrier speed trap. DeVoe tells Barry he’s imprisoned so that he can teach him that he is incapable of wrapping his adolescent mind around complex planning.

Amunet tells Caitlin that she needs HER help, not Killer Frost. A new metahuman that she “found” needs medical attention. Dominic, the metahuman, awakens and inadvertently reveals that he can read minds.

The Flash — “Don’t Run” — Image Number: FLA409a_0056b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow and Katee Sackoff as Amunet Black — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

You Have to Choose

Joe pays DeVoe a visit to ask where he’s keeping Barry. He denies knowledge of Barry, so Harry walks in with a big gun for extra intimidation. After some trash talk, DeVoe allows Joe to search the house. Meanwhile, DeVoe’s wife sees Barry trying to break out of imprisonment in their secret lair and assures him he won’t succeed.

The satellite isn’t capable of searching for Barry and Caitlin simultaneously. Cisco and Ralph nearly come to blows because of Ralph’s insensitivity. Harry tells Iris that she’s failing the team because she hasn’t made the decision to look for either Barry OR Iris in the midst of limited resources.

Caitlin tries to pick her power dampening bracelet. Dominic reads her thoughts and inquires about Killer Frost. She briefs him, then tells him that he has the power to save them, so she pulls down the surgical curtain and they try to escape. Amunet catches their trail and blocks them. Amunet has her thugs take Dominic away so she can have a private conversation with Caitlin where she reaveals Caitlin is “remarkable” and fully believes in her ability to operate on Dominic.

Ralph yells at the satellite because it can’t find our heroes. Cisco apologizes to Ralph for being a dick, so Ralph goes into his whole spiel about how he’s a terrible friend. Iris returns with the decision to look for Caitlin because she’s in a more vulnerable state and Barry can fend for himself.

The Great Escapes

 Caitlin begins extracting the metal shard from Dominic’s neck, which causes him to go into shock. One of Amunet’s thugs faints and Amunet does as well because Caitlin rigged a machine to gas them. The satellite locates Caitlin cold signature, so Cisco and Ralph breach and rescue her [and Dominic] from Amunet’s clutches.

Barry out-thinks his prison and vibes out by standing still – the second installment of the Don’t Run theme. He tries to stop the Thinker’s next move and is teleported on a wild ride through the city. While bouncing through city streets, the Thinker deploys his to claws to [once again] grasp Barry. This time, Barry phases and the claws pass through him resulting in the power throne exploding. Barry free falls towards the ground but his suit activates flotation mode and prevents him from a deep plunge. DeVoe, on the other hand, plunges into the water.

The Flash — “Don’t Run” — Image Number: FLA409a_0048b.jpg — Pictured: Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.


 Since Barry and Caitlin safely returned, Team Flash prepares to celebrate at Joe’s house. Ralph took it upon himself to redecorate for the occasion because he wanted to do something nice for his “friends.” Ralph informs Cisco that he received a gift from Gypsy, which Cisco mistakes as a breakup cube – but its quite the opposite since Cisco made the naughty list.
As usual with The Flash, all is not well that ends well! Barry leaves to investigate a security breach at his loft just as Dominic arrives. Once Barry makes it home, he receives a call from Dominic – who is actually DeVoe. Amunet didn’t find Dominic, she kidnapped him and exchanged him with DeVoe for an unknown payment. Once handed over, the Thinker deploys the claws from his floating throne and used them as a gateway to transfer his remaining life into Dominic – that’s why the quote of telling his wife “the words are still mine even if the voice isn’t” is so important. But that’s not all! The unidentified knife that Barry and Iris opened was used to stage the death of Clifford Devoe, whose dead body was left in the loft just before police arrive. Barry  is apprehended on murder charges because [yet again] he chooses not to run.
This mid-season finale hammered themes of Barry not running while insinuating that Caitlin is more special than Killer Frost, so it will be interesting to see how those are reinforced. Nevertheless, Barry is locked in jail and definitely can’t run from this predicament. How will Barry prove his innocence and what did the Thinker mean when he said the next step of his plan was enlightenment? Hold your horses, because these questions won’t be answered until January 16 when the Flash returns from intermission of Atlanta’s CW!