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No After-School Favors

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We begin with Betty and Jughead in bed, and he receives a phone call from the illustrious Penny Peabody (blegh…). Against his father’s wishes, he meets with Penny to let her know that he won’t be doing any favors for her. She immediately tells him that FP was in a brawl in the prison showers and his face was messed up badly. She says if Jughead drops off a mysterious package in Greendale before midnight, she’d be able to help him and FP. Jughead reluctantly agrees to this favor, knowing his father is at risk. Archie and Jughead take Fred’s truck to Greendale to transport the package, but before they get to the city limits they get a flat tire. Yep, it’s dark. Yep, it’s in the middle of nowhere. Yep, they don’t have a spare. So, what do you know? A creepy man with a tarp-covered surprise shows up in his pickup truck to help them out. The creep says he doesn’t have a spare, but is going into Greendale, and can only take one person. After Jughead volunteers and gives the creep his last $18, the man warns Jughead not to look under his tarp. Jughead is always curious, so once they stop at a gas station/diner, he looks under and notices a dead deer. Archie also sees a deer that has been battered and bruised while on the side of the road…could there be a connection? Meanwhile at the diner, the creep tells Jughead a story about the Riverdale Creeper and hints that he might still be roaming about Riverdale (sounds like he could give #TheBlackHood a run for his money). He then pulls a fast one and demands Jughead pay for dinner, but Jughead already gave him his last $18! So he says he’s going to leave Jughead and take the the locked case and run. But Archie comes in and saves the day with his debit card! They both deliver the package, and the person awaiting knows Jughead’s name. Jug goes back to visit FP and sees that he isn’t messed up at all! Penny lied! He confronts her, but she pulls the receipts on Jug with a video of him and Archie transporting this mysterious package. She tells him that she has only just begun. Never trust a snake.


Solo Star Performance at the Talent Show

Josie and Mayor McCoy are having a tumultuous time together. Mayor McCoy demands Josie be in at a certain time because of the threat of #TheBlackHood. Josie isn’t too bothered as she practices to start her solo career after her performance at the throwback at Pop’s. But, this solo career doesn’t come easily. Someone is leaving gifts and notes in Josie’s locker, and apparently the other Pussycats’ as well. They find out Josie doesn’t want to be in the group any longer, and they part ways. But Josie isn’t alone because Cheryl (who was surprisingly very calm this episode) vows to protect her from any threat. One threat she sees is Chuck Clayton. He claims he is trying to change and really wants to take Josie out on a date. He does do this very smoothly actually, and takes her to Pop’s for a sockhop moment and milkshakes. Mayor McCoy walks in on them, and demands Chuck to stay away from Josie. Josie receives a mysterious package that is equipped with a drawing of her and a pig’s heart. This is definitely Chuck’s doing, according to Cheryl. She convinces Josie that it was Chuck. Why?! Because it’s been Cheryl trying to get with Josie this entire time! She draws very well, too.

I, Spy with my Little Eye

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Betty and Veronica go full-on “Harriett the Spy” when Kevin tells them that Sheriff Keller is being an entirely different person. Betty has a theory that he’s #TheBlackHood and Veronica thinks he’s having an affair. They both do their fair share of snooping, including Veronica getting really confused at Kevin’s fantasy board game while at a sleepover at his house. She goes down to the basement, at the request of Betty over the phone, to check and see where Sheriff Keller has been running off to each night. She finds him lifting weights. No big deal. But they both know something else is up, so Betty sneaks into Sheriff Keller’s house once he leaves and finds his investigation board on #TheBlackHood. But, knock knock! Guess who forgot his coffee?! Sheriff Keller calls Papa Cooper and explains to both him and Betty that he’s just as confused as to what is going on, and that he has been nothing but an angel. Yeah, right. Want to know who was right? Veronica. They both discover that Sheriff Keller is having an affair with Mayor McCoy in a sleazy motel!! So much for telling Josie to be safe after dark, Miss Mayor.

Let’s Play a Game

At the end of the episode, everyone’s stories all intertwine as they all come to Pop’s. It is here Pops receives a call from #TheBlackHood. He says everyone failed his test. They were all sinners and the reckoning is upon them. I almost choked on my milkshake.


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