"Crisis on Earth X part 2" or The Problem With Nazis

Arrow — “Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2” — AR608c_0113b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Melissa Benoist as Kara, Caity Lotz as Sara Lance, Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak, and Candice Patton as Iris West — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

“Crisis on Earth X Part 2” or The Problem with Nazis

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Tonight’s Arrow is the 2nd part of a 4-part, 2 night event entitled “Crisis on Earth X” which began on “Supergirl”. The heroes from “Supergirl”, “Flash”, “Legends of Tomorrow” & “Arrow” came together for the wedding of Barry Allen (The Flash) and Iris West. Just as the ceremony begins, a cadre of Nazis show up and blast the Colonel Sanders looking preacher to nothingness. This, of course, starts a battle royale. The civilian wedding attendees are ushered outside by Flash & Wally West (Kid Flash), while the rest of the gathered heroes battle the Nazis and three, masked super-foes: a female with the power of flight and super strength who fights Supergirl, an archer who fights Oliver and a masked ninja-type guy who takes on Sara (from Legends) & Kara’s sister Alex. When the dust settles the Nazis & 2 of the 3 masked assailants get escape leaving the 3rd behind.

Our show begins with the combined heroes escorting the captured masked figure in to one of the holding cells in S.T.A.R. Labs. Once he’s safely locked away he turns and faces his jailers, removes his mask and it’s Tommy Merlyn, Oliver’s best friend and half-brother to Thea (daughter of Malcolm Merlyn) who died several seasons ago.

Needless to say Oliver is taken aback and asks to speak with his long-dead “friend” alone. Oliver tries to gain some intel from faux-Tommy playing on sentiments. Having been raised in an authoritarian society, however, Faux-Tommy isn’t the warm and cuddly type and tells Oliver that his world will be overrun by his compatriots. He then pulls out a fake tooth and ingests some poison which kills him.

Elsewhere in S.T.A.R. the rest of the heroes are trying to find out what the heck is going on. It was thought that in the multi-verse there were 52 other realities when Wells tells them that there’s actually 53RD known as, you guessed it, Earth X. On that earth, the Allied forces lost World War 2 leaving way for Hitler to basically take over the world. Our heroes now have to figure out why the Nazis are attacking our earth and where they are.

Speaking of the Nazis, on a rooftop, the Archer, flying woman and a yellow clad speedster have a tet-a-tet. Since they’re alone they all unmask and, surprise surprise, they are dopplegangers to Oliver, Kara and a resurrected Eobard Thawne (Reverse Flash) who has the face of Wells the way he did when he first trained and betrayed the Flash. The trio are looking for a device for some as of yet to be divulged reasons. What we do learn is that on Earth X, Oliver Queen & Kara are an item as the dopplegangers smooch.

Back at S.T.A.R. Ollie & Felicity have a heart to heart; in “Supergirl” at the rehearsal dinner for the wedding, Oliver asked Felicity to marry him as he had done in the past. Only this time, Felicity was hesitant before she flat out said “no”. During the conversation Felicity explains that basically she’s afraid of being physically hurt considering after she said ”yes” the last time she was shot, and how just the day before Nazis crashed Barry and Iris’ wedding.

Putting his personal problems on hold, Oliver, Kara & Barry find out where the dopplegangers are and show up. The trio acquired the device they were after

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Arrow — “Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2” — AR608a_0705b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Stephen Amell as Dark Arrow, Tom Cavanagh as Dark Flash, and Melissa Benoist as Overgirl — Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW — © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

but before they can make good their escape, they have to take on their other-selves after revealing their appearance. Of course OUR heroes are shocked but not for long as, of course, a battle commences. Oliver just so happens to have a kryptonite arrow that he shoots faux-Kara with. It doesn’t kill her but it does cause pain. In order make their escape, Kara uses her heat beams to damage a nearby building that was under construction. Our heroes rush off to save lives while the Nazis get away.

After everyone is safe, the heroes reconvene to figure out what the Super Nazis are going to do with the device they stole. The device is known as a sublight generator which can be turned in to a bomb. Although they had all this bad news, the good news is Felicity & Wells are able to analyse the arrowhead that had pierced faux-Kara and track her down due to the unique properties of her blood. Once they get a location, the combined teams race off to face their super foes.

The combined teams find the staging area for the Nazis and our heroes take them on but the Super foes are nowhere to be seen. We end up finding out where one of them is; faux-Oliver shows up at S.T.A.R. where Rory (from the Legends) and Caitlyn (Killer Frost from Flash) happened to stay behind. He takes them on and out with relative ease when the REST of Team Arrow show up to give him what-for. For a time. A BRIEF time. Seems faux-Oliver is as good a fighter as the real deal and incapacitates Team Arrow with relative ease. He leaves behind some Nazi troopers who lock up the unconscious members of Team Arrow but Felicity & Iris are still sneaking around wondering how they can help their friends and themselves.

Back at the staging area, the super foes show up and make a real fight of it. In fact, they defeat our heroes and chain them up. Faux-Ollie has made his way back and like all good super villains, they divulge their plans to the heroes. Faux-Kara is dying and needs a new heart. Their plan is to use the device they stole to simulate a red son that will weaken faux-Kara’s body enough that surgery could be performed on her giving her a replacement heart from OUR Kara.

After this exposition has occurred Metallo uses a ray to knock out our heroes. When they come to they wake up, minus Kara, in a pen with others except this isn’t the earth they know and love. The Super-foes have transported OUR heroes to Earth X which is where our show ends.

Be sure to tune in tonight at 8:00 to “The Flash” for part 3 of “Crisis on Earth X” followed immediately the conclusion on “Legends of Tomorrow”.

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