Promises Kept or Father and Son Reunion

“Promises Kept” or Father & Son Reunion

Our show begins with Slade in a warehouse looking down the barrel of a gun being held by his own son Joe. In our last episode, Oliver helped Slade track down his long-lost-thought-to-be-dead son who’s now running with a group of mercenaries known as the Jackals. Slade lets his son know that he’s been searching for him for quite some time and all he wants to do is be reunited. He goes so far as convinces his son to let him join up with his motley crew of terrorist. Hidden in the wings, Oliver looks on.

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We get our first glimpse of Team Arrow after they’ve tracked a crew of thieves to a Cadmus Tech warehouse in the midst of a heist. The thieves killed several guards before Team Arrow can engage them, but once the fight starts, most of the thieves get away. As they do, a shadowy figure emerges and sets off a smoke bomb to cover their escape. Back in the Quiver, Felicity lets the team know that the suspected head honcho of the thieves is someone who goes by the name of Dragon.

Their night of fighting done, the team disperses to their private lives. When Diggle arrives home, his wife Lyla (head of A.R.G.U.S., a paramilitary covert governmental agency) is feeling rather randy. Diggle excuses himself to “freshen up”, but he’s actually trying to check his secret stash of the illegal drug he’s been using to subdue his tremors. When he opens the container he’s completely out.

In Europe, Oliver makes himself known to Slade and asks what does he think he’s doing by trying to join the mercenaries. Slade is like, “I’m willing to do ANYthing to be with his son” for some quality time. The Jackals decide to boost a shipment of explosives with Slade in tow. Before they leave their HQ, Slade tells Oliver to find whatever detonator the Jackals have stashed because without it, they won’t be able to set off the explosives. During the heist, Slade takes it easy on a few of the guards transporting the shipment that does not go unnoticed by Joe who ends up finishing off the guards himself.

Back stateside, Diggle goes to his drug connect who is completely out, so John is taken to the distribution warehouse where he meets the head honcho, Ricardo Diaz. Fully stocked, John heads back to the Quiver where not long after arriving, the team gets an alarm that another warehouse is being burgled. This time it’s Palmer Tech, the company Ray Palmer started before he joined the Legends of Tomorrow (Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. on ATL CW). Team Arrow suits up and intercepts the burglary in progress. Several thieves try to escape in a car when Diggle shoots an through the window that has electronics that short out the car.

Before he can physically handle the thieves, another car shows up out of the blue and out jumps –wait for it – Diaz, the guy Diggle met earlier. Turns out that HE’S “Dragon” and is the manufacturer of this miracle cure. Diaz, not recognizing John in his Green Arrow get-up, shoots him and once again the crew escapes.

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The situation in Europe has gotten more stressful. While Oliver searched for the detonator he was captured by a guard. When Slade, Joe & the rest of the Jackals return, Ollie is brought before his captors as they try to figure out what to do with him. Slade knocks him probably saving his life. When Oliver comes to, he’s bound to a chair with Joe trying to convince his father to exact revenge on the man responsible for taking his eye (in the past). It seems that Slade – in a bid to ingratiate himself to his son – is going to either kill or maim Oliver. Instead, Slade cuts Ollie’s bindings, they knock out Joe and a couple of guards then dive out of a window making their escape. Oliver lets Slade know about what the Jackals plans are which he saw before his capture. The duo make their way to a water plant which is the sight of the planned terrorist attack.

After their run-ins with Dragon’s crew, Diggle comes clean to his wife about taking the drug and Diaz being behind it. John was planning on just letting it slide but Lyla convinces him to do the right thing. When he makes his way to the Quiver, John gives up the address he had for Dragon’s manufacturing plant saying he got it from a “source” and the team suit up to take him out. When they arrive it seems Diaz knew they were coming and had his crew preparing to vacate the premises. Diaz again covers the escape of his squad, this time by pouring out some chemicals that he sets on fire. John stares at the blaze knowing all the drugs he needs are going up in smoke. Again, Diaz and his crew make their escape.

Meanwhile, Oliver & Slade arrive at the target sight of the Jackals’ planned attack. Ollie takes on about half a dozen armed Jackals by himself while Slade has a sword fight with his son. Ollie makes quick work of the help, and Slade defeats his son. Instead of killing him or taking him to custody, the father and son have a heart to heart talk; all Joe wants to do is follow in dear old Pop’s footsteps, but Slade tells Joe that what he THINKS he knows he doesn’t. There was a time Slade was under the influence of a powerful, mind-altering drug called Meriku that made him a vicious killer. But Joe lets dear old pop know that he was seen killing a man years ago before the drug even came in to play. Joe also drops another nugget; he’s got a brother that Slade’s ex-wife hid from him.

Joe is very hurt and disappointed by Slade who, by this point, has laid down his sword and is kneeling before his son trying to convince him to come to the light. Joe is about to give his father a close shave starting at the neck when Oliver shows up and shoots the sword from his hand. Joe make his escape after setting off a smoke bomb. As Oliver and Slade talk, Slade says he will never stop searching for his boys and takes off like Caine to wander the world.

Oliver finally makes it back home safe and sound where he catches up with his own son William and his lady love Felicity.  Our show ends in the Quiver as Diggle has a Mea Culpa and lets the team know about his injury and the fact he’s been taking the drug. He asks his team for forgiveness which they readily give.  Diggle also gets some encouragement from Curtis in the form of a possible cure; after all, Felicity is able to walk due to a chip he invented.

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