“Reversal” or Who Is Cayden James?By Marc Watkins

“Reversal” or Who Is Cayden James?

ar604b 0135b Arrow 11.2 Recap

Arrow — “Fallout” — Image AR604b_0135.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow and Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak — Photo : Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Our show begins with Faux-Laurel picking up a guy at a bar and soon the pair are smooching in the alley behind the building. With love being in the air, we turn to His Honor Mayor Queen on a date with his one-time fiancée Felicity. As the two dine & talk, Felicity has to run off after receiving an alert from Team Arrow that there has been a mysterious death.

When she arrives at The Quiver, she and the rest of Team Arrow see a live video feed from Dinah (aka Black Canary) who’s on the crime scene as part of her duties as a police detective. Based on the visible injuries to the victim, Dinah immediately knows that it was Black Siren who caused the man’s death.

After committing the murder Faux-Laurel meets up with Cayden James, a notorious internet hacker Felicity, along with the hactivist group Helix, helped break out of the custody of ARGUS. Cayden gives Faux-Laurel her next target.

Felicity makes her way home after helping Team Arrow. The plan was to have “dessert” with Oliver when she realizes she’s not alone in her apartment. Turns out it’s Elena who, last season, recruited Felicity to join Helix and ultimately double-crossed her after Cayden was released. Elena tells Felicity that Cayden wasn’t such a good guy after all and has a plan that will ultimately kill roughly 300 million people so she needs help to stop him.

As Felicity and Elena are about to leave, Oliver shows up and is surprised his one-time boo is so willing to help the person who betrayed her. He even offers to come along but Felicity tells him “no”. Elsewhere in the city, Faux-Laurel kills college librarian who has no obvious connection to victim one. Team Arrow struggle to figure out F.L’s motives.

In Team Arrow HQ, Curtis figures out a way to alert the team whenever Black Siren uses her powers due to the

ar604a  0359b Arrow 11.2 Recap

Arrow — “Fallout” — Image AR604a_0359.jpg — Pictured: David Ramsey as Green Arrow — Photo: Alan Zenuk/The CW — © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

unique vibratory frequencies. No sooner has he done this, the alert goes off indicating Black Siren has used her powers. The team suit up and head off to face her.

Meanwhile, Felicity and Elena end up in a goth/punk rock club trying to gain access to a piece of tech that will help them foil Cayden’s plans. When they start asking around the club for the person they need, they’re roughly escorted to the back. As the two are negotiating for what they need, a masked figure suddenly bursts in and incapacitates all the guards. Turns out it was Ollie who trailed Felicity (against her wishes) to make sure she was ok.

Team Arrow also has their hands full; they arrive at a parking garage on the hunt for Faux Laurel and discover her third victim. Much to the surprise of the team, F.L. was still there and she gets in to a brief battle with Black Canary before she makes her escape.

Felicity and Elena get the tech they need and are in the process of hacking in Helix’ old headquarters when Cayden arrives. He expresses his displeasure with Elena and tells his squad to kill the nerdy duo. Before anything can happen, Team Arrow arrives after Curtis used his smarts to figure out where Faux-Laurel had been previously (which just turns out to be Helix). A battle ensues and Felicity is saved but Elena is shot in the cross fire; she survives, however, after receiving treatment.

With 3 dead bodies the team is still perplexed as to their connection. Turns out they are part of a group that basically runs the entire internet. Faux Laurel was killing them to retrieve their finger prints in order to gain access to the servers that power the internet. If Cayden is able to disable the internet, millions would be effected and possibly die.

ar604a  0174b Arrow 11.2 Recap

Arrow — “Fallout” — Image AR604a_0174.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak, Echo Kellum as Curtis Holt/Mr.Terrific, and David Ramsey as Green Arrow — Photo: Alan Zenuk/The CW — © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Felicity knows where the servers are that power the net so she and Team Arrow head off to stop Cayden. Of course his henchmen have something to say about that and once again Team Arrow are fighting for their lives. Thankfully they have some support; mayor Queen decides to act as the team’s tech support while they’re in the field and is basically “Overwatch”, a position normally filled by Felicity.

While the fighting is going on, Cayden plants a virus in the computer banks that Felicity has to now “cure”. She does her magic and the day is saved and Team Arrow is victorious over the henchmen.

As the show ends we see Cayden and Faux-Laurel talking; she thinks her mission was a failure but Cayden disabuses her of that notion. Turns out it was all a ruse and that he needed Felicity to breach the internet fire wall so he could have free access to the servers and plant his own special “treat” on the net.

What will this mean for Team Arrow? Tune in next Thursday at ATL CW at 9:00 For an all new “Arrow”. Also follow @ATLCW & @ATLBlerd on Twitter to live tweet the show.


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