By Taylor Gibson

Good thing the name of the show is The Flash, not Kid Flash, since Wally jumped in his feelings and decided to run away. Nevertheless, the show must [literally] go on, so let’s get into it.

fla404b 0175b The Flash 10.31 Recap

The Flash — “Elongated Journey Into Night” — Image Number: FLA404b_0175b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Jessica Camacho as Gypsy and Danny Trejo as Breacher — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Who is Breacher?

Gypsy and Cisco – which will henceforth be referred to as Gysco – engage in some quality time. In the midst of getting “shmopey,” Cisco tricks Gypsy into thinking he’s going to drop the L-bomb (love) but instead asks her name. She wants to maintain her mysteriousness and declines to tell him. While she’s in the bathroom, a grim faced, leather dawning metahuman breaches into the room and launches a few blasts at Cisco. Ultimately Cisco gets snatched up, and Gypsy emerges from the bathroom to identify the man as her father, Breacher.

Mayor Bellows holds a brief press conference at CCPD. Barry brings Joe to speed on a few leads concerning the bus and amount of passengers on board that day. Most leads lack merit, but one holds weight; The bus driver was later found dead from drowning in his bathtub. They prepare to head to Star Labs, but Barry takes a second to tell Joe about a new “glow” he sees in him. Upon reaching Star Labs, Barry and Joe face obliteration by Breacher. Cisco intervenes and introduces Breacher to the team, so Harry suggests Cisco take him for coffee.

Iris receives the coroner’s report of the dead bus driver, which yields an IOU from a [shady] private investigator named Ralph Dibny, who also happens to be a former CCPD policeman. Barry and Joe question Dibny, but he lends no help and attempts to extort them in exchange for information. As Joe and Barry leave, 2 gangsters arrive to shakedown Dabney by hanging him from the top of the building, revealing his Stretch Armstrong-like elastic abilities.

Like Silly Puddy

Iris freaks out when she sees an extended leg in Star Labs’ hallway. Dibny’s DNA has been polymerized and can’t maintain structure to

fla404a 0363b The Flash 10.31 Recap

The Flash — “Elongated Journey Into Night” — Image Number: FLA404a_0363b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Danny Trejo as Breacher, Carlos Valdes as Vibe, Hartley Sawyer as Dibney and Grant Gustin as The Flash — Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW — © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

the point where his face stretches when he sneezes. Although he hasn’t committed a crime, Barry’s personal biases lead him to believe Dibny should be locked in the pipeline. Caitlin needs a sample of Dibny’s DNA from before the bus ride, so Iris and Barry head to his office. While searching for DNA, Barry tells Iris about a case where Dibny framed a man for killing his wife. As they continue searching, Iris opens a desk drawer containing a bomb, so Barry slides up, grabs Iris, and phases through the floor to avoid death. Afterwards, Barry and Caitlin reach an impasse because Barry’s lack of sympathy for Dibny, which leads Barry to confront Dibny about  his involvement with Mayor Bellows. Caitlin creates a serum, based on muscle memory, that stabilizes Dibny’s cells and allows him to return a physique from his past.

Cisco, Gypsy and Breacher, head to Jitters to establish common ground. While Gypsy grabs tea for her father, Breacher tells Cisco that will hunt him until death in a metahuman, power-devoid game of cat-and-mouse. Cisco runs and tells Harry about Breacher’s bounty game, so Harry thinks Cisco should outsmart him and set a trap.


Joe and Barry ask Mayor Bellows about his involvement with Dibny. At first, he denies knowing him but then comes clean about Dibny’s knowledge of an affair. Dibny seeks hush money but keeps jacking up his price. Mayor Bellows uses his charisma to slide out the investigation, then tells his goons to kill Dibny, Barry, and Joe.

Barry gets back to Star Labs and confronts Dibny about tampering with the past case and current extortion. Its clear Barry has a vendetta that he won’t let go! The two come to blows and Barry throws a punch that Dibny’s face absorbs like puddy.

Breacher continues tracking Cisco through Star Labs, so Cisco uses a hologram to trap Breacher in a vibrational field. Once contained, Breacher pulls out a powerful dagger and cuts an exit.

fla404a 0239b The Flash 10.31 Recap

The Flash — “Elongated Journey Into Night” — Image Number: FLA404a_0239b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Hartley Sawyer as Dibney and Carlos Valdes as Vibe — Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW — © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Breacher vs Plastoid/Dibny vs Mayor Bellows?

Joe asks Barry what’s his issue with Dibny because he [maybe] deserves a second chance. The doorbell rings and Mayor Bellow’s 2 goons arrive requesting help. As Barry turns to grab his jacket, the goons draw silenced pistols and shoot at Barry’s back.  Barry goes into super speed mode, grabs the 2 bullets, and causes the goons to knock each other out. Crisis averted, but Joe and Barry know that if the mayor’s goons fired at them, Dibny has to be next.

Breacher essentially has Cisco cornered, but sees footage of Dibny -who he mistakes as Plastoid from his Earth- and sets out on a different mission. Barry asks Cisco to track Dibny’s location and heads there to follow up. Mayor Bellows meets Dibny in a dark alley to exchange evidence for cash. Dibny hands over the photographs but declines taking the cash, citing that he is not dirty. Mayor Bellows sees the opportunity to rid his problems and shoots Dibny in the head. The bullet (much like Barry’s punch) absorbs in putty, which allows Dibny to blow it out his nose. Bellow’s fires again, but Barry rushes in and thwarts the attempt. Breacher arrives and knocks everybody down with vibematic waves. In the midst of the chaos, Mayor Bellows takes Joe Hostage and forces him into a helicopter. Breacher approaches Dibny to deal death to “Plastoid” but Vibe/Cisco steps to his defense.  Barry can’t run fast enough, Cisco can’t breach far enough, so they ask Dibny to stretch to the helicopter. It may be the first time in the show’s history, but the Flash unmasks his true identity to help personally persuade Dibny. Dibny dejectedly turns his back, but then spins and throws his extendo-arm to grab the chopper. Barry uses his arm as a bridge, zips to the chopper, and takes the gun from Mayor Bellows. In a moment of sheer panic, Joe reveals Cecile’s pregnancy to Barry.

Post Aftermath

Joe and Barry head back to Star Labs and celebrate Joe’s safe return -and the pregnancy. Meanwhile, Breacher prepares to leave, but

before he does, he tells Cisco that he respects his loyalty and bravery. He and Gypsy need to hunt somebody and he reveals Gypsy’s real name, Cynthia.

 Caitlin returns home to see a message on her door. Dibny returns to the office – that Barry fixed – and finds Barry waiting in the darkness.  Barry offers Dibny a tentative spot on team Flash for research and developmental purposes. Dibny accepts and also gives Barry a tidbit of information, (the name Devoe) which sets the stage for the plot to come. For the latest developments, be sure to tune in to Atlanta’s CW next Tuesday at 8!

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