Opening this week at a theatre near you:

Thor: Ragnarok  (2017)  PG-13

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Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is in a race against time to prevent the all-powerful Hela (Cate Blanchett) from destroying his home and the Asgardian civilization. Thor: Ragnarok Website

What to Watch For:  Eighty percent of the dialogue in the film was improvised.  Director Taika Waititi wanted to create a very loose and collaborated mood.

Word on the Street:  To prepare for her action scenes, Cate Blanchett studied capoeira, a Brazilian martial art.

My Take:  I love Waititi’s films, especially the 2011 film Boy and 2007’s Eagle vs. Shark.

The film opens nationwide on Friday.

Wonderstruck  (2017)  PG


Photo courtesy of Open Road Films

Ben (Oakes Fegley) goes on a journey to New York to try and find his long-lost father, and we also see a young deaf girl named, Rose (Millicent Simmonds), 50 years ago, making her way through the streets of New York to see her mother (Julianne Moore). Wonderstruck Website

What to Watch For: Brian Selznick wrote the screenplay based on his best-selling book.

Word on the Street:  Millicent Simmonds is deaf in real life.  This is her first featured film.

My Take:  I like director Todd Haynes’ work, especially Far from Heaven (2002) that also starred Julianne Moore.

The film opens in Atlanta on Friday.

A Bad Moms Christmas  (2017)  R

A Bad Moms Christmas

Photo courtesy of STX Films

The bad moms (Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, and Kathryn Hahn) are back, and they are tired of creating the perfect Christmas, so they plan on rebelling like the bad moms they are. A Bad Moms Christmas Website

What to Watch For:  The film was shot in Atlanta, Georgia.

Word on the Street:  Christine Baranski, Sheryl Hines, and Susan Sarandon are playing the bad moms’ moms.

My Take:  I love Kristen Bell.

The film opens nationwide on Wednesday.

Blade of the Immortal  (2017)

Blade of the Immortal

Photo courtesy of Magnet Releasing

Manji (Takashi Kimura), a samurai warrior of immense skill, becomes cursed with immortality after a legendary battle.  He takes on a mission to avenge the parents of a young girl. Blade of the Immortal Website

What to Watch For:  The film won second place at the 2017 Fantasia Film Festival.

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Word on the Street: Director Takashi Miike has directed more than 100 films and TV programs.

My Take:  I am always in for a good samurai film.

The film opens Friday exclusively at Landmark Midtown Art Cinema.

Maya Dardel  (2017)

Maya Dardel

Photo courtesy of Samuel Goldwyn Films

A famous writer (Lena Olin)claims on NPR that she intends to end her life, and she wants male writers to compete to become the executor of her estate. Her intentions might be very different than what they appear. Maya Dardel Website

What to Watch For:  The film was nominated at the 2017 SXSW Film Festival for both the Gamechanger Award and the Grand Jury Award.

Word on the Street:  The screenwriters of the film, Zachary Cotler, and Magdalena Zyzak, also co-directed the film.

My Take:  Rosanna Arquette always gives exciting performances.

The film opens Friday exclusively at the Plaza Theatre

Jane  (2017)


Photo courtesy of Abramorama

Documentary on the legendary chimpanzee expert, Jane Goodall.    Jane Website

What to Watch For:  The film uses previously unseen footage to tell the story of her early studies of the chimpanzees.

Word on the Street:  The film is directed by Brett Morgen who directed the acclaimed documentary Cobain: Montage of Heck (2015).

My Take:  I have always admired Jane Goodall.

The film opens exclusively at Landmark Midtown Art Cinema.


If you can’t make it to the theatre this weekend, then stay at home and watch movies on Atlanta’s CW:


1:00 pm

A Fish Called Wanda  (1988) Four friends (John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Kline and Michael Palin) plan on stealing a batch of diamonds. Someone is about to double cross the rest of the team.

3:00 pm

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The 6th Day  (2000) Adam (Arnold Schwarzenegger) comes home from work to discover a clone of himself has taken over his place in the family. Adam wants to find out how this happened, but he stirs up things that just might get him killed.