On September 8…I fell in LOVE with berets.

I’ve always had a cute crush on this Parisian hat style but in a if-I-go-to-Paris-I’m-wearing-a-beret- type of way. Who can relate?

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Well, the beginning of my beret love story is all owed to stumbling (via Insta-scroll) upon celebrities, like Bella Hadid, Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner, rocking berets alongside Fall’s trendiest styles as of now. With hands up in the air, I proclaimed to the beret shining from my phone, “You, my darling, will be a game changer for Fall!”


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For weeks now, celebrity fashion icons have been bonding with the beret over moody colors…which is all the proof I need that this hat is everything for Fall wear. Leather, velvet and suede berets – I’ll take them all, please.

Ohhhh, I’m not done yet…;). I’ve pushed my beret love over the obsession line and provided you below with berets in every Fall “IT” color/texture to be had. Sooo… be my guest:


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Y or N: Will you be adding this accessory to your Fall wardrobe? We’re waiting for your answer over at @ATLCW. 🙂