“Tribute” or A New Sheriff in TownBy Marc Watkins

“Tribute” or A New Sheriff in Town

Previously on Arrow: In the season premiere we saw that at the end of last season, Thea is comatose & Samantha – Oliver’s baby mama – died on the island after Adrian Chase (secretly the costumed bad guy Prometheus) committed suicide causing an explosion. The rest of Team Arrow was safe but back in Starling City Oliver has to juggle being the mayor, the costumed archer and now single parent to his son William. Team Arrow has to deal with the doppelganger of Laurel Lance (who was the original Black Canary) who goes by the name of Black Siren. She breaks in to the Arrow Lair and steals one of Curtis’ T-Spheres. At the end of the episode there’s a news report that “outs” Oliver as the Green Arrow.

ar602a 0055b Arrow Recap 10.19

Arrow — “Tribute” — Image AR602b_0055b.jpg — Pictured: Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow — Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW — © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Our episode opens with Mayor Queen besieged at City Hall by a gaggle of reporters inquiring – again – whether he’s the costumed vigilante the Green Arrow. Of course he denies it – again – and asserts that it’s Alternate Facts and even drops the name of – wait for it – Bruce Wayne. We therefore get our first confirmation that Batman exists somewhere in the Arrowverse.

When Oliver and Deputy Mayor Quentin Lance (former police captain and father to the deceased Laurel and Sarah from “Legends of Tomorrow”) finally make their way to His Honor’s office, a stern looking woman is there waiting. She is FBI Special Agent Samantha Watson and she lets Oliver know in no uncertain terms that there’s a (figuratively) new sheriff in town and that she will be investigating the heck out of Oliver.

In the Arrow Lair Curtis (aka “Mr. Terrific”) & Felicity (aka “Overwatch”), our resident tech gurus, try to figure out where the picture outing Oliver came from. While they work, the banter between the two turns up the fact that Curtis has been working “secretly” on the side to make ends meet. Seems being a costumed crime fighter at night just doesn’t pay the bills. He lets Felicity know that he does some free-lance coding much to her surprise.

Still dodging questions about his alleged nocturnal activities, Mayor Queen shows reporters around an abandoned warehouse that will soon house a thriving business thanks to a group of investors from Markovia (in the comics, the country of origin of Geoforce and Teen Titans member Terra). Out of nowhere, shots ring out that sends everyone scrambling. Quentin gets behind the wheel of a Sprinter and tries to escape with the mayor and investors in tow. When they make it outside, their van is riddled with bullets leaving it much the worse for wear, but everyone inside is unharmed.

The unknown assailants turn out to be Oliver’s old friends, the Russian mobsters the Bratva headed by his old pal Anatoly. Annie takes the

ar602b 0185b Arrow Recap 10.19

Arrow — “Tribute” — Image AR602b_0185b.jpg — Pictured: Juliana Harkavy as Dinah Drake/Black Canary – Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW — © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Markovians hostage and says he will release them for $20,000,000.

Besides dealing with the FBI up his quiver, his old pal black mailing him, Oliver is still on daddy-duty now that he’s the sole provider for his son William.  Will gets in to a fight at school and as Oliver is trying to give  his best Ward Cleaver impression, he has to dash off to rescue the Markovians.

When Team Arrow arrives at the suspected mob hang out, they have to take on a number of henchmen which they successfully do and end up rescuing 3 of the 4 hostages. Now the race is on to find the fourth and Anatoly. During the rescue attempt Diggle is somewhat gun shy which, last episode, inadvertently caused Renee (aka “Mad Dog) to be injured although he’s since made a full recovery. Black Canary notices and is concerned whether she’ll be the next to be hurt because John isn’t at 100%.

Speaking of Renee, he and Quentin are summoned to the office of S.A. Watson who is none too pleased that the subject of her investigation isn’t there. Oliver has more important matters on his plate as he learns that William, who knows he really is the Green Arrow, has abandonment issues. William is afraid that if Oliver is killed while fighting crime, he will be and orphan. Having lost both of his own parents, Oliver can relate.

When Team Arrow reconvenes, Ollie receives a video message from Anatoly saying that if his demands aren’t met the hostage still under his control will die very shortly due to the poison coursing through his veins he’s been injected with. Because Felicity and Curtis are super-smart, they figure out what the poison is based on a screen shot of the hostage and know what cures it. They send Diggle and Dinah off to fetch it. After the antidote is retrieved at the hospital we learn that the reason Diggle hasn’t been himself is because he caught some shrapnel when the island exploded but hadn’t told anyone.

ar602b 0127b Arrow Recap 10.19

Arrow — “Tribute” — Image AR602b_0127b.jpg — Pictured: Juliana Harkavy as Dinah Drake/Black Canary – Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW — © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Once again Team Arrow tracks down Anatoly who is still wanting the money to restart his criminal empire. Ollie’s like “Nahh” and shoots the hostage with an arrow. Anatoly is like, “Dude, that’s NOT how rescue attempts are supposed to go”. Turns out the arrowhead had the antidote on it. As it’s curing the hostage, Anatoly gives him an injection of lead from a gun that’s not so easy to cure.

The two now former friends discuss honor and what Anatoly COULD have done but didn’t, LIKE harm William or out Oliver as the Arrow. Because of their relationship, Oliver lets Anny escape and finally makes his way to be interviewed by the FBI. No sooner has he sat down when a news report comes on verifying that the photo of the mayor had been doctored. Watson let’s Oliver know he’s not off the hook yet and she WILL be watching.

At the end of the episode, Oliver meets with John and lets him know that right now, William is the most important thing to him. He asks John to take over the mantle of Green Arrow to which he readily agrees despite his injury.

How will Diggle handle being the new Green Arrow? Tune in next Thursday at ATL CW at 9:00 to find out. Also follow @ATLCW & @ATLBlerd on Twitter to live tweet the show.


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