By Marc Watkins

“Fallout” or Season 6 Premiere

Previously on Arrow: Last season Adrian Chase, the previous D.A., was secretly the masked bowman Prometheus who had a personal grudge against Oliver for having killed his father years before. Adrian captured Team Arrow and held them on the deserted island that was Oliver’s home for 5 years. Chase rigged the island with explosives that would detonate if he were killed. Along with Team Arrow, Chase also kidnapped Oliver’s son William. During the climax Adrian tried to make his escape on a boat with William in tow but Oliver soon caught up to and defeated Chase.  Wanting to hurt Oliver any way he could, Chase turned his gun on himself committing suicide thus setting off the explosives on the island.

Season 6 begins 5 months after the events on the island where we find Team Arrow taking on some baddies on a ship. Their leader, Faust, was holding the city hostage by threatening to launch a missile in to the heart of downtown if his demands weren’t met. Before they can stop him, Faust makes good his promise and launches the missile but, thanks to Curtis’ T-Spheres, the missiles are redirected over the bay where they detonate harmlessly.

In our first flash-back of the show, we learn Team Arrow survived the deadly explosion by taking refuge in an old, derelict plane. Before the explosion Samantha, Oliver’s baby mama, goes running in to the woods to try to find William not knowing he’s safe with Oliver. Hot on Samantha’s heels is Thea, Oliver’s sister.

Back in the present Oliver and Felicity seem to be picking back up their romantic relationship as they make doe-eyes at each other. We also see Oliver settling in to a role we’ve never seen before: that of dad. William’s mom didn’t die but we learn later in the episode that she’s in a coma. Things aren’t going so well on this front however because William doesn’t really know Oliver and he blames him for his mom’s injuries.

Dinah, the new Black Canary, has a day-job of police lieutenant and is trying to gain intel from Faust about his plans and methods. Before she can get going good, she has to run off and counsel Deputy Mayor Quentin Lance as he’s battling depression and alcoholism. Quentin has lost both his daughters but a doppleganger for Laurel was part of Adrian’s team on the island. In order to save Dinah, Quentin had to shoot faux-Laurel and he’s racked with guilt over it.

While in police custody Faust asks for and receives a canned pop (soda depending on where you’re from) that he ingeniously uses to escape by placing a false tooth in the can causing a chain reaction explosion. Immediately after faux-Laurel, also known as Black Siren, shows up and begins killing cops left & right as they help Faust make his escape.

Thanks to video footage of the attack, Team Arrow learns Faust & Black Siren are working in cahoots so they enlist the aide of A.R.G.U.S. to track them down. The team intercepts Siren and her henchman on a bridge and a battle royale ensues: Black Canary vs. Black Siren, and the rest of Team Arrow vs. the henchmen. During the battle Curtis is injured after being shot in the chest by a bad guy which could have been prevented had Diggle not missed his shot. Seems he’s not the man he once was.

Siren and her henchmen escape but Team Arrow use information they find in the van to track them back to their lair. Once there they find nothing but the remnants of a plan to attack the graduation of new police recruits. For safety’s sake, it’s decided to host the graduation at City Hall. All of Team Arrow attends to try to ferret out the bad guys leaving Diggle behind in the Arrow Lair to run communications.

Turns out that it was all a ruse; they weren’t after the graduation at all but wanted to break in to the Arrow Lair in order to steal one of Curtis’ T-Spheres. Diggle is attacked but holds off the mercenaries until Team Arrow shows up and drives them off.

Initially Quentin thought Faux-Laurel was after him as revenge for shooting her which he lied to his team about when he claimed she was already dead in the aftermath of the explosion on the island. One of the confirmed killed was Thea as we learned in one of the flashback scenes. With no more Lazarus Pits it seems this time death is permanent for her.

As the show ends we see news report that outs Mayor Queen as the notorious Green Arrow. What will this mean for Oliver and his team? Tune in next week to Arrow on it’s new night of Thursday at 8:00 to find out. Also follow @ATLCW & @ATLBlerd so we can live-tweet the show.


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