2017 Y’allywood Film Festival Oct. 9th – 15th

It’s time for the fourth annual Y’allywood Film Festival from Oct. 9th to 15th at the 7 stages theatre. The Y’allywood Film Festival is an Atlanta based organization showcasing the finest in Southern Cinema. Over the past four years, they have built a reputation of being a fun, forward-thinking, hands-on festival with a growing community of loyal contributing filmmakers. The festival has an incredible schedule of films, networking opportunities, conversations with leading Southern producers, parties, and wrapping it all up with a free screening of the Burt Reynolds classic Smokey and the Bandit.

Highlights of the film festival:

Monday Oct 9th

5:00 pm  Y’allywood Land Line:  A live episode of the Y’allywood Land Podcast featuring some very special guests who are involved with this year’s festival.

Tuesday Oct 10th

Birthday Cake

Photo courtesy of Milledgeville Film Festival

7:30 pm  Especially Southern Shorts:  A series of Southern shorts including the award-winning locally produced Southern Gothic thriller Birthday Cake.

Wednesday Oct 11th

7:30 pm  The Video Video Nasty Presents the Eyeslicer at the Plaza: To celebrate the release of the first season of the new variety TV show The Eyeslicer, co-creator Dan Schoenbrun is heading across the country with The Eyeslicer Roadshow, a one-night-only live event featuring robot Q&As, communal milk and cookies, and an episode presented in special Smell-O-Vision.

Thursday Oct 12th

7:30 pm  The Things We Do When We’re Alone  (2017)  The film follows a crestfallen punk fan Cassidy (Taylor Garron) as she travels home to seek salvation in a rare performance by her favorite band.

Friday  Oct 13th

9:00 pm  Silver Scream Spookshow presents Blood Freak (1972) A biker comes upon a girl with a flat tire and offers her a ride home. He winds up at a drug party with the girl’s sister, then follows her to a turkey farm owned by her father, a mad scientist. The father turns the biker into a giant turkey monster who goes after drug dealers.

Saturday Oct 14th

The Things We Do When We're Alone

Photo courtesy of Dinosaur Hawk Films

7:00 pm  Dayveon  (2017)  In the wake of his older brother’s death, 13-year-old Dayveon (Devin Blackmon) falls into the gang life in a small Arkansas town.

Sunday Oct 15th

Smokey and the Bandit

Photo courtesy of Universal Studios

4:30 pm  Smokey and the Bandit  Free screen of the legendary film on its 40th anniversary.


For more information and tickets go to www.yallywood.org