Stop. Right. There. Miss Bootie.

Y’all, statement booties are on fire RN – they almost make me forget it’s still 80 degrees out! Who am I kidding? I’m already trying out the bold styles because – let’s be honest – they’re too good to wait for. They don’t call it transitional wear for nothing. 😉

From color to texture, stand-out booties are breaking hearts and stealing them too (along with paychecks). In case you want to cover your bootie bases, channel their power in color, print and texture with these styles below.


Power Red

I’m not sure what it is about red but I feel invincible in it. Pair this hue with a sexy bootie cut and sky’s the limit.

Metallic Shine

Shoes make the outfit. In this case, Magnolia does! Bootie link in bio! 💜

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Shine all day and night long. 

Star Print

Velvet Touch

Velvet and studs 😍 Shop the Honour bootie, link in bio.

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What better way to elevate a get-up than with velvet?


Are you digging the bold booties too?

Wrapping up this post quick so I can start shopping. The velvet bootie is calling my name.


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