By Kaitlin Lehner

beerscheers 2017 Oktoberfest RecapThe Atlanta Sport and Social Club was back at it again this past Saturday with an event-filled-Oktoberfest 2017, held in Brookhaven Park from 1-6pm on the last day of September. If you didn’t know, a true German Oktoberfest always starts in September.

One of the things I really enjoyed about this event was the entertainment. They had The Wurstbrats, The Backyard Birds, and Roadkill Ghost Choir. And then there were all the”activities.” There were Stein Hoistings, a Keg Roll Race, and a Bratwurst Toss. oktoberbrat 2017 Oktoberfest RecapMy favorite was the Stein Hoistings. This game required a row of people to stand with one arm straight out while holding a heavy, beer filled stein. Who ever can follow the rules without spilling wins. Lots of sore arms that day.

Now for the yummy stuff! I enjoyed cold beer all day. My options were Oktoberfest, Boston Lager, Pumpkin Shandy, IPA, and Cider. The food options were a loaded bratwurst, wiener schnitzel, and a soft pretzel. Never a dull moment! I could have stayed longer but when it came to an end I departed with my souvenir stein and t-shirt. Another great event under the belt! A huge thank you to The Atlanta Sport and Social Club for hosting me.

oktoberfood 2017 Oktoberfest Recap
Stay tuned for recaps on future events in Atlanta, attended by yours truly!

Love being in the know of all the goodness Atlanta has to offer? So do we! Keep up with the Kait’s 8 Events List, and we will keep up with you. #Kaits8

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