What did your last fortune-cookie say? I always feel like a winner when the small paper predictions are spot on about my life and then instantly drift into the skeptical lane – wait, why is it so right? How does it know me so well?

Don’t worry this isn’t a post about fortune-cookie revelations but more about how they relate to bags.

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Ok. Ok. I promise this is the last bag post I’ll write-up for a while (maybe… ;)). I can’t help it. I’ve had bags-on-mind a lot lately thanks to recent traveling adventures prompting the need for essentials. Plus, I love sharing with you the latest trends in all fashion realms – Bags definitely being one of them.

So, here’s how they connect.

The highlight of my last road trip was flipping through the latest InStyle magazine and coming face to face with a collection of fortune-cookie shaped bags.

Nina Ricci bags

Nina Ricci Bag – PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP/Getty Images


My eyebrows instantly rose high for this unique shape. Take a peek below – do your eyebrows raise too?

Nina Ricci Runway 2017/2018, fortune-cookie shaped bags

Nina Ricci Bag – Getty Images

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Stella McCartney bags, runway fashion, fall bags 2017

Stella McCartney Bag – Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images


trendy fall bags, statement bags, nina ricci bags

Nina Ricci Bag – Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images


Alexander Wang Bag

Alexander Wang Bag – JP Yim/Getty Images

Is this bag style fortunate enough for Fall? Weigh in below!

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