It’s been a full weekend for the Atlanta’s CW crew. I got my first look at the excitement of Dragon Con on the corner of Peachtree and John Portman right outside of the Marriott in downtown, which I later learned is basically the heart of Dragon Con for the weekend. The energy

and excitement is overwhelming as the streets flood with characters from our favorite movies, comics, fairy tales, and television shows. The hotel lobby is swarming with fandom. One minute you can take your picture with a Disney Princess, the next with a creature from Netherworld (that may or may not make you want to run the other way).

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Saturday started off bright and early with a 5am call time for the crew. With coffee in hand, we arrived at the site where the parade would kick off in 4.5 hours. While the crew was hard at work setting up our equipment for broadcasting the parade live – creatures, characters, and more were making their way past us for the parade line up. Atlanta’s streets felt like a movie set. It made setting up equipment that much more interesting. You better believe I jumped inside of the van to hide when the bleeding veiled-faced-man walked towards me letting his shovel slowly scrape the concrete (to my surprise I later found out he was a guest on the show).

Speaking of guests, we had a slew of awesome ones appear live on our show, including our very own John Wesley Shipp from The Flash! Our CW Crew members were manning the table inside the Marriott and handing out our CW Swag! All in all, the parade was a blast! Oh yeah, and doing a live broadcast of the parade while mythical creatures brush past your shoulders, a pretty cool experience, and a huge success!

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