August is here, and I would preach that we must race (speedy gonazalez style) into every last Summer ensemble you can grab, BUT I won’t. Screech.Why? It’s Georgia, so, honestly, we’ll still be wearing Summer wear well into September.

The good: Off-the-sholder fanatics rejoice. The bad: Fall loving fashionistas keep waiting. Don’t worry though…you really won’t have to take sides during this month with the handful of goodies I’ve rounded up for you. Silky slip dresses, ruffle mini skirts and slide sandals will keep you WAY occupied.

This month’s fashion must-haves are leveling-up in all degrees. Try them out:

Silky Summer Dress


Why I love it: My 90s spirit wear. Where in the world where you wear your silky summer dress? Date night, summer soiree or girls night out.

Ruffle Mini Wrap


Why I love it: 7-day-a-week worthy! A ruffle skirt easily pairs with any casual top you own.


LC Sunnies


Why I love it: Playful. Playful. Playful.


Slide Sandals


Why I love it: Comfort glam. I have been living in my LC slide sandals everyday this Summer.



Which must-haves are you aiming to try in August?

  1. Lexi Lulu says:

    I love that Silky Summer Dress, the sweet detail about ruffle is so cute. And the Ruffle Mini Wrap and big shape sunglasses are all my favorite staple in this season!

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