Metallica WorldWired at SunTrust Park in Atlanta on July 9

Written & Photography by Danielle Boise

Metallica’s WorldWired Tour at SunTrust Park in Atlanta

I was on of 40,000+ screaming fans at SunTrust Park on Sunday, July 9 to see Metallica take the stage for their WorldWired tour stop in Atlanta with Volbeat and Avenged Sevenfold in support. Some fans arrived as early as 12:30 pm to be the first in line for field access. They sweltered in the heat all afternoon long, but it paid off for them.

Metallica’s WorldWired Tour at SunTrust Park in Atlanta

I never in a million years would have expected the show I saw. It had everything from ginormous jumbotron with visuals constantly inter playing with the music, to pyrotechnics you could feel across the field.  Oh, and then add lasers into the mix, along with fireworks and more pyro and you had a nonstop visual and auditory smorgasbord of yumminess.

Metallica’s WorldWired Tour at SunTrust Park in Atlanta

With James Hetfield at the helm, the entire band sounded fantastic as they kicked off a 17-song set list with Hardwired  and capped the evening off with their classic Enter Sandman. For me, the song sent shivers down my spine was the song that addicted me to Metallica in the first place, One from their 1988 …Justice for All album. My teenage self was jumping up and down, singing along word-for-word, with the rest of the stadium and totally fangirling in the moment. This is how my journey with Metallica began, and it was beyond immeasurable to see them perform it live.  The sound of choppers with shots fired, along with the video montage of shadow soldiers walking across the screens only enhanced the experience. Add in the fireworks at the song’s beginning which created a truly intense moment that left me crying.

Metallica’s WorldWired Tour at SunTrust Park in Atlanta

This was an immaculate show that showcased Metallica’s rich history of heavy metal music.   It honored the past by playing video clips of bassist, Cliff Burton, who passed away on in ’86 on The Damage Inc. Tour in a fatal bus crash, as Robert Trujillo performed a solo. It was a touching moment to see the past and present be represented in perfect union.

It was simmering hot day out in the sun, and worth every bit of sunblock and dehydration to not only see Metallica, but also photograph them from the pit. Never in a million years, did my little teenage heart think that day would come, yet it did and it was perfect. Just like the show – loud and in your face, just how metal fans enjoy their entertainment.

Check out the full photo coverage here.


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